Pero Adeniyi: Reasons Why Tuface Babymama Made Peace With Annie

Oluwaperosaiyemi Adeniyi. Wondering who she is?

Pero and Tuface

Lately, her name cropped up again in the media when it was reported that musician Tuface Idibia wept when his babymama Pero Adeniyi reconciled with his wife, Annie.
Fondly called Pero, she is Tuface’s second baby mama and she has played an important role in the music icon’s journey so far. Pero might not be as popular as the other baby mamas but she indeed cannot be ignored.
The relationship between 2Face Idibia and Pero Adeniyi has experienced both highs and lows.
Born with a silver spoon, Pero Adeniyi’s father is Prince Jide Adeniyi, who owns Poatson Musical Jamboree. He is also into printing and transport businesses with special interest in music promotion.
Though Tuface’s baby mama, she also has had her own fair share of marriage challenges. She was once married to Kunle Borokini and they have a child together.
Pero Adeniyi’s romantic relationship with Idibia produced three children— Ehi who is the singer’s first daughter was born in 2006, Innocent, named after Tuface Idibia, was born in 2012 and the last child, Justin was born in 2013.
However, another side of Perosaiyemi never knew was unveiled when she donated one of her kidneys to save her mother’s life two years ago.
The mother of four who couldn’t hold back her joy took to her Facebook account where she gave a recount of how she helped saved her mother and how she has been living a very healthy life since then.

After successfully donating a kidney to her mother, Pero Adeniyi kicked off a Non-governmental organization, A Life Alive Kidney Foundation. The foundation raises awareness and involves in kidney disease advocacy. She has used the platform to help and assist people with getting to know about kidney ailment.
Lately, her relationship with Annie Idibia resurfaced on social media. This time, positively.
The age-long rift between Pero Adeniyi and Annie Idibia came to an end following a now-viral video where the two were since making peace.
In the video which Tuface Idibia can also be spotted crying as the two women resolved their age-long conflict. Their rift can be traced back to 2015 and 2016 when they both called each other out on social media.
The recent peace move must have been engineered by family and friends who see Pero as more than a babymama. That her three kids are for Tuface and her resolve not to date or marry someone else is a pointer to something. Asides, Pero and Tuface still celebrate their kids’ birthdays together whenever the musician travels to the US where Pero lives with the kids.
The mother of four is quite fashionable and daring in her dressing. Her photos when she clocked 40 years on August 18 are hot!
Always ready to show off her sexiness, its obvious its not over for Pero and her dream to get a man who would appreciate her curvy figure.