Odunlade Adekola Talks On Domestic Violence Says “Some Gentle Ladies Become Terrors After Marriage”

Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola, in this interview, unveils his thought on love, marriage and his career


You are known to be versatile in the movie roles you play, how do you train and improve yourself?

I usually pray that the same mouth that the world uses in praising someone should not also be used to ridicule the person. Acting is what I do for a living and I don’t really know whether I do it well or not. It is the people who watch me that can tell. But I always put in my best. There’s no magic or special thing that I do in secret. I just believe in doing my job well and taking it serious. I neither drink nor smoke and I believe that every good actor must study and understand the script before going on set so as to get into character. It is very important to concentrate and stay focused.

Is there any role you would love to act that you have not being opportuned to yet?

I don’t think there is because I have portrayed so many diverse roles. I have acted as a pastor, mad man, driver, rich man, poor man, governor, child, woman, rascal, good boy, cripple, blind man, and so many others.

What are some of the most memorable movies you’ve acted in?

I usually remember one of the movies I produced, Emi ni Ire Kan. I also remember Mufu Olosa Oko, Alani Pamolekun, and Ila Owo, just to mention a few. However, I believe that all the movies I’ve acted in have been memorable.

What are some of the important lessons you’ve learnt in the course of your career?

I have learnt a lot over the years. Apart from the technical aspect of the job, I have also learnt how to mingle with people and relate with everyone around me. Someone who is proud cannot succeed as a thespian. One must also know how to speak in public because whatever you say has the tendency to go viral. An actor should also be careful of where he goes and the people he associates with so as not to be seen in bad light.

You’ve been relatively scandal free, how have you been able to manage that?

I don’t think there’s any actor that wouldn’t have scandals; though I don’t even know what scandals mean. We are all humans and are prone to mistakes. I would really like it if you can put it down exactly as I’m going to say this. Most of the problems artistes have are caused by journalists. Some journalists don’t do adequate findings before writing their stories. And it is very difficult to correct the perception of people about you. Many people form an opinion of entertainers simply by what they read about them in the media. And some of these reports may even be false. Even if we have grown thick skin towards these things, what about our children? Journalists have damaged the careers of lots of entertainers. Meanwhile, some journalists are also guilty of what they accuse entertainers of doing. We know some of them but we cannot just mention names. I believe it is better to call whoever is doing wrong to order instead of writing a damaging report about the person. As for me not having scandals, I can only give glory to God for my life.

What is the worst report you’ve ever read or heard about yourself?

I am an actor and if I don’t want them to write anything about me, that means I have to stop doing this job.

How do your family members react to those reports?

My family members are very wise and intelligent. They know who I am and what I’m capable of doing.

What’s your most memorable experience with fans?

My fans show me lots of love, especially on social media. However I’m not on Facebook. Most of those questions and prayers posted on Facebook are not authored by me and I want my fans to know that. I am very active on Instagram and my fans relate with me there. Whenever I travel out of the country, my fans also receive me well. Basically, there is no interaction with my fans that I don’t consider memorable.

How do you deal with unruly fans on social media?

I don’t usually pay attention to such people. In most cases, it is even some of my true followers that would reply them.

You also have some celebrity fans like Tiwa Savage, how does that make you feel?

I always appreciate them too. I always pray for Tiwa Savage that her star would never dim. I believe that entertainers are one big family, whether they are actors, singers or dancers.

There was also the case of Kemi Afolabi and She Baby who dragged you into their quarrel, how did you resolve that issue?

I was just laughing when the story was published. People see things from different angles but I wasn’t involved in that particular case and I don’t know anything about how it was eventually resolved.

Not much is known about your family, why do you deliberately shield them from the public glare?

That’s not true. If you check my Instagram page, you would see that I always celebrate my family there. My fans know my children and wife. I recently celebrated the birthday of one of my children and people are still congratulating me for it.

How many children do you have?

I have four kids and a lovely wife.

What are the qualities you think a woman should have to sustain a marriage?

People have different interests and what they look out for. That a woman makes up her face or uses jewellery doesn’t mean she’s not a wife material. I believe there’s no woman on the surface of the earth that is not good; you only have to go for the one that suits you. It depends on the background of the individual. However, it is very important for anyone who wants to get married to be matured. There are some ladies that could appear gentle but become terrors after they get married.

What’s your take on domestic violence?

It is not good to beat a woman because they are considered the weaker sex. Women could prove difficult at times but there are better ways to handle them than resorting to violence.

What has stardom robbed you of?

I can no longer stop to buy things or visit some certain areas as I would have loved to. It’s not as if I’m proud but if people gather around me and there’s an accident, I would be the one to blame. There are also some discussions one might want to contribute to but you can’t because whatever you say will go viral and could even be misinterpreted. A thespian doesn’t talk too much so when you see an actor that is garrulous, you would know that person did not train for the job.

What’s the difference between Odunlade, the actor and Odunlade, the individual?

There is almost no difference. It’s just that the actor is usually on set and acts according to what the director says. And the individual lives his life away from the limelight. Some people meet me and say that I talk and walk the same way as I do in movies and I always let them understand that I’m the same person. It’s the script that determines what I would act as in movies.

Do you watch the films you act in?

Yes, I do. I watch them like an objective viewer. I don’t see it like I’m the one who acted in them. If I notice ways in which my character should have done better, I would note it down for future purposes.

Some people feel that Yoruba movie producers don’t pay well, what’s your reaction to that?

I don’t agree with that. The pay is reasonable enough.

Do you have any other business you’re investing in?

Acting is the major job I do for now.

But it was stated that you have a hotel?

I don’t have a hotel currently and I don’t have any plans for it. However, I don’t know if it is part of God’s plans for me. That is the only way it can be successful. However, that is what I was saying about false news by some bloggers. I don’t even know where that story emanated from. I may decide to build one in future but for now, there is nothing like that on ground.