Nothing Should Make A Woman Cheat On Her Spouse—Nollywood Actress Mosun Filani-Oduoye Graces Owambevibes Magazine

Dish out an invite to Nollywood actress Mosun Filani to any Owambe party and she comes along with her husband, Kayde Oduoye. The pair who loves each other and got married in 2012, is blessed with two children. Kayode’s father is the late Senator Simeon Oduoye, a retired AIG who served as Military Administrator of Ebonyi and Niger states. He later became a senator and represented Osun Central in the Senate from 2007 to 2011. Fondly called Ayaba Oduoye, the fashionable actress spoke exclusively to OwambeVibes Magazine on indigenous fashion

As a fashionable actress, what inspires you when dressing for an Owambe party?
What inspires my dressing to any function is the nature of the party itself. You can’t wear a formal English dress code to an Owambe party except, maybe you are coming from the office. I dress the part when I am attending any occasion.

Some will say you dress well because you are married to a politician. Do you agree that money is important in looking gorgeous to any party?

I have always dressed well even before I got married to my husband who is now an active politician. People who know me will tell you I cannot be pushed aside at any social gathering. However you can’t rule out the money factor in looking gorgeously dressed.

How many times do you wear Iro and Buba to parties in a month?

I hardly wear Iro and Buba. I prefer Iro and blouse or kaftan.

What has always been your preferred choice? Blouse and skirts or boubous?

My preferred choice is boubou.

Do you have a particular fashion designer who does all your clothes?
Anyone that sews well can be my fashion designer.

On accessories, are you into big, bold jewellery? How do you prefer your jewellery?

It depends on the kind of attire I am putting on, some may require very bold jewellery, some may not.

What prompted your having a skincare range of products?
My quest for having a flawless and smooth skin without any adverse effect prompted me into going into the business fully.

Do you still act movies? How do you juggle as a wife, mum, businesswoman and actress?
Yes, I still act movies 100 per cent. Juggling isn’t easy, but with God, wisdom and support from my family. I am coping well. There are many factors in making a marriage work and the first factor is the God factor. God is the only one that makes all things possible and He makes love to grow in the hearts of a couple for each other. The second is love and understanding. When you love and understand each other, things work easily and there are no problems.

How do you cope with male admirers who fall for your beauty?
I make sure I keep them at arm’s length, because If I say I don’t get male admirers I’m probably lying.

Advise women who are in your shoes?
To married women, my advice is simply that they resolve in their heart of hearts that once you are married, nothing would ever make you cheat on your spouse. Then, go ahead and back that vow up with scriptures and the power of the Holy spirit. Even when temptations come, you will always remember your vows to God.

What is fashion to you? Define what makes you comfortable in fashion?

Fashion to me is what fits and suits me, my shape and stature. Not what’s trending.