Dear Kemi,
slept with my wife’s maid
years ago, we had a 22-year-old maid, who I had sex with. This act broke my
heart but I could not help it. Initially, I told my wife to send the girl away
in order not to be attracted to her but she said she was sure nothing
inappropriate would happen. Moreover, my wife complained that as a career woman,
she was dependent on the maid and needed her to be at home. I did not confess
that I had slept with the maid. One day, my wife’s sister who was living
with us, caught us in the act. She said nothing to her sister but left our
house some months ago to get married. Last week, they quarrelled and she abused
my wife with what I did with the maid. Now, our marriage is strained but the
maid has since left our home. Please, what do I do?
is very irresponsible of a man who sleeps with his wife’s maid. It’s a slap on
any woman and I’m sure your wife felt terrible to have heard from a sister, who
probably must have told some other members of their family. You have to
apologise to your wife and tell her all that happened between you and the maid.
Be disciplined and embrace self-control. Luckily, the maid has left and didn’t
get pregnant, so you can start on a new page with your wife. Moreover, she
should learn never to ignore a husband’s complaints of a maid and his fear of
temptation. No man is perfect.
Dear Kemi,
I’m on love
am 36 and dating a 52-year-old man, who I met a few months ago. He is divorced,
good-looking and very educated. He told me his intentions from the first day we
met but I discovered that he makes telephone calls and I would hear him saying,
‘I love you.’ I got suspicious and confronted him but he confessed to have had
a lover, who is an older woman. He said he preferred me because I am young,
beautiful and romantic. He likes sex a lot and he told me that he wanted to
observe me for one year before he marries me. We have been having unprotected
sex and he has asked me not to look elsewhere. I don’t trust him and never been
to his house uninvited.
At 36, I am really
amazed that you could subject yourself to cheap deceits from a womaniser. You
think you are the only woman he tells all the sweet nothings? Or you think that
the one year probation is going to end at the altar? I believe he just wants to
add you to his harem. Get wiser now and stop having unprotected sex with him.
You don’t go to his house uninvited; you don’t trust him because makes
suspicious calls to other women, then, why are you still in the relationship?
It’s dangerous and you could be a victim of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or HIV.
What happens if you get pregnant? Or you want to have abortions at 36 when you
have never been a mother? Even being a single parenthood is not too pleasant
either. So, think well on this affair and make a very wise and fast decision.
Dear Kemi,
Now that he
is born again
have been dating a man for three years and we are in love with each other. Recently,
he told me that he has become a born again Christian. Many things have changed
between us—he changed my name on his handset, he would not say, ‘I love you’
after every conversation and he would not reply my calls. He has told me to
stop wearing make-up and trousers. What do I do? I am afraid.
I think you either abide
with his new rules and lifestyle or call it quits. Issues of religion are
delicate and should be wisely handled. If he is convinced that his  old ways with you are sinful and demands a
change, maybe you should also see it from his point of view; that is if you are
willing to forge ahead with the affair. But if you cannot cope, you better
leave before you are frustrated.
wife refuses sex
married about six years ago and we don’t have children yet. Anytime I asked my
wife for sex, she would refuse me. From January of this year till date, she has
not allowed me to sleep with her. Could it be that she cannot be pregnant? What
should I do because I need children and also want to enjoy sex as a married
man. My religion does not allow me to engage in extra-marital affairs, I need
I think it’s high time
you invited either her parents or your spiritual head to intervene in this
matter before your marriage crumbles. Like air to every living being, a
marriage without adequate sex cannot last. What has been her excuse for
refusing sex? If she wasn’t interested in satisfying the sexual demands of her
husband, she needn’t have been married. You have proved to be a faithful husband
but for how long can you hold on without sex? If you don’t act fast on this
matter, you will start having extra-marital affairs and a love child can be
born in the process. Go to her parents and intimate them on what has been
is a ‘runs’ girl
am 22 years old and I have been dating a lady of the same age for two years
now. When we started dating, she confessed she was a ‘runs’ girl because she needed
money for her education. I decided to take responsibility of all her finances
and even asked her to move into my apartment on campus. I paid her fees, fed
and clothed her but I was broke after five months. She decided to seek funds
from one of her old lovers. I was infuriated but forgave her. Last year, when I
stopped buying her things, her sister took her to another man who just arrived
from Brazil. I forgave her again. Though she hasn’t done anything wrong yet, I
don’t feel comfortable with her around anymore. I don’t even know how to opt
out, I’ve grown to love her and she is my only friend and confidant. What do I
Ogun State
 I’m sorry to inform you that she cannot stop
this ‘runs’ business as long as you indulge her and make her feel you cannot do
without her. She has done this over and again and you kept forgiving her. I’m
sure she sees other men without your knowledge and if she graduates from
school, she will not stop. Take a drastic step now and tell her if she is
caught again, you are opting out. She is greedy and I don’t see you satisfying
her in any way. You are a student without the wherewithal for all her vanities.
Think very well before getting too serious with her.