Newlywed Bride Dies Nine Days After Childbirth

Esther Obunwa didn’t live to celebrate Christmas with her newborn baby girl.

She passed away on Sunday December 17, 2017.

This was exactly nine days after she gave birth to a baby girl, and nine months after her wedding to ThankGod Chinedu Obunwa.

The tragic incident was announced on Facebook by Obunwa Victor, the older brother of the deceased’s husband.

He wrote:

“What a black Sunday to the family of Godwin E. Egbucha as we lost a 9 months wedded wife to the cold hand of death, MRS. ESTHER NGOZI OBUNWA the wife of my immediate younger brother Pst. Chinedu ThankGod Obunwa today. Wedded Sunday 26th March 2017 and died Sunday 17th Dec. 2017 leaving behind a One week and two days old Daughter. Death! you are wicked, you always cause sorrows and sadness in the midst of happiness and joy.
Ngo as i use to call you, i could not hold my self as i carried your body in a motorcade to the mortuary early this morning. We can’t believed that you are dead leaving the family you cherish most, your husband, brothers and sisters in-laws, the church, in fact not even the little daughter which you gave birth to last week Friday 8th Dec. 2017. Ngo it is difficult to bid you GOODBYE. Rest In Peace.” (sic)