This man and his family are perverts! He has been having
homosexual relationship with me since my undergraduate years. His first son, a
28-year- old, who works in an oil company, also has sex with me. The first daughter
also comes for sex!

I am 25 years. I lost my father died
at 10 years and he left five of us and my mother. I had a mentor, who saw me
through school and helped me with a bank job, where he is a management staff. I
live in the boys’ quarters of his house. He showered me with lots of gifts. I
was able to sponsor my other siblings’ education with his assistance.
But this man and his family are perverts!
He has been having homosexual relationship with me since my undergraduate years.
His first son, a 28-year- old, who works in an oil company, also has sex with
me. The first daughter also comes for sex! Even their lastborn— a 17-year-old
girl seductively came to my room, for sex.  The man’s wife forced me to have sex with her
whenever her husband travelled abroad. In fact, the man sees me as his ‘second
wife’. He would take me along on his weekend trips under the pretence that the
driver is off work and I should drive him. This multiple affair remained a
secret between me and each member of the family. I have told the man that I
wanted my own accommodation elsewhere but he refused. I know I cannot pack out
without his consent if I still need my job. Is it bad to be tall and handsome?
I am sick and tired of this sex slavery. The man would go for medical check-up
and take me along to be checked too. What do I do?
What you are
doing with each member of this family is not only sinful, it is deadly and has
spiritual implications! Don’t think these are all secrets. No, because someone in
this family (if not more) knows what they are using you for. I believe when
they are tired of your ‘services’ or they sense you want to spill the beans,
you could be killed. If you don’t move out of that house now, you will never
live a fulfilled life; you will never get married and you will amount to
nothing financially despite your bank job. Forget whatever you are enjoying now.
Homosexuality is for reprobate minds. Sleeping with another man’s wife is
deadly. If you lose a job, you can get another as long as you are alive. Leave!
I don’t know
his relatives
am 25 and I have been dating a man for three years without meeting any member
of his family. Whenever I asked him to do so, he would say it’s not yet time. I
cannot have any other affair or fall in love with someone else. What do I do?
Has he asked you to
marry him? This is because some men see some of the ladies they date as
girlfriends and not life partners. They would not want to introduce a
girlfriend to family members. Don’t assume to be his fiancée when he has not
proposed to you, so try and know where you stand in this relationship. Then,
wait for the time when he will be ready to take you home. There could be  reasons why he will not want you to see his
family now and he may not be able to open up to you on the matter.
Men jilt me because of my son!
am in my late 30s and had a son after I left secondary school. Though the
father of the boy is married to someone else, I have had two relationships
break-up due to this. Currently, I met someone, who loves me and he had
proposed marriage to me. I am afraid to tell him of my past because I don’t
want to lose him like others. What do I do?
think those two men who left never loved you. If any of them did, he would have
accepted you, your son and would have treated him as his.  Anyone who claims to love a single parent
would not exclude their child (ren) from the relationship.  You better tell this new man now before it is
too late. If you deceive him now, he will discover later and that could be
disastrous. If he really loves you, he will stay.
Girls chase my husband
  I am 27 and got married
three years ago. We have three children. My marriage is not what I expected it
to be because my husband’s ex lovers still ask him for money, visit him in the
office and call his phone. Though he does not pick their calls, he told me the
story of one of the ladies that came when I had my first baby. He asked for my
permission before she came and all through, she looked at him lustfully. I
thought that was the end of the affair but I kept seeing her calls on his phone
and when I asked him, he slapped me for the first time and warned me never to
touch his phone again. I am afraid that his past affairs could disturb our
marriage because he married me as a virgin. 
I tried having a heart-to-heart talk with him but he flared up. What do
I do?
Then stop
talking about them and hold your peace. Men exercise caution on extra-marital
affairs when their wives feign ignorance of their activities outside the home.
To have peace in your home, don’t discuss anything on these girls and stop
prying into his phone. Just pray that he gets tired chasing them. Also, make
him comfortable at home and stop nagging. I think your good character will draw
him nearer to you but farther away from those girls outside. In fact, the best
weapon is to make him believe that you trust him!