My Husband Left Me For Another Woman

Dear Kemi,

I got married to my husband but had a child 11 years after. Along the line, my husband got married to another woman and we both were both delivered of our babies the same month but mine came first. Since then, he hates me like a rag and does not care for me or my baby anymore. What do I do?
This is your time to be as patient as a dove and don’t ever quarrel with him over this. First, God has vindicated you and you have your baby. Just make sure your family members, especially your parents know what is happening and they can even ask from him if you have done anything wrong. On your part, ask him if anything went wrong and apologise if he complains of any attitude from you. Really, it is your time to rejoice and thank God. You should not allow worries set in because he would soon come back to you and the baby.

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