“My Husband Doesn’t Satisfy Me In Bed… Cannot Last A Minute

Mrs Ifeanyi Samuel, a businesswoman, had instituted a legal process  at the Igando Customary Court, Lagos State seeking
an end to her nine-year-old union to Moses, because her husband could not
perform in bed.

testifying in court, the petitioner said her husband, in their nine years of
marriage, had not been able to satisfy her sexually.

averred, “My husband cannot perform well, he was not doing his `job’ at all and
it makes me sad.

husband does not satisfy me, he does not last a minute in bed.”

also disclosed to the court that she had to force her husband to go for medical
check-up from where it was confirmed that he is suffering from low sperm count.

husband has low sperm count. I bought the drugs prescribed by the doctor for
him, but he refused to use them.

refusal to take the drugs had resulted in fighting because I need a child. We
have been married for nine years without any issue,” she said.

pleaded with the court to end the marriage as her love for him was dead.

In his
reaction, 40-year-old Samuel admitted he had low sperm count and he is looking
up to God for divine intervention.

“I am
trying my best to satisfy my wife and I am also trusting God for a miracle,” he

however, claimed his wife was into extramarital affairs, stating that men
always called her at odd hours.

“My wife
has been committing adultery, there was a day I saw a text message she sent to
her lover.

“I showed
her the text, but instead of her to apologise, she warned me not to touch her
phone again.

“My wife
goes out without telling me and comes back at 11.00pm. and whenever I query
her, she would tell me she owns her life,” he affirmed

of the court said: “The court has no choice but to dissolve the union in spite
of the fact that the husband still claims he loves his wife.

couple can no longer stay together because the marriage has broken down

parties are no longer husband and wife; they are free to go their separate

The court
dissolved the nine-year-old marriage.

delivering judgment, the President of the court, Mr Hakeem Oyekan, affirmed
that the union was dissolved because the wife had insisted on divorce despite
several attempts to salvage the marriage.