Mohammed Babangida’s Ex-Wife, Rahama Indimi Now Sells Aphrodisiacs

The billionaire daughter Rahama Indimi, who is a former wife of Mohammed Babangida, has put many in confusion on her latest business venture.

Quite active on social media especially Instagram, a certain post on her page is causing furore.
The mother of four, Rahama is swimming in pool of controversy. A raging storm is gathering over a post on Instagram, in which she has been identified with. In the Instagram post, her name, via her IG address, @rahma_yi, as well as her shop location in Wuse 2, Abuja, was mentioned.

It was gathered that Rahama, one of the daughters of Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, a billionaire oil magnate, has just gone into partnership with a company that sells sex enhancing drugs for ladies.

Names of some of the drugs were mentioned in the posts, such as Pussy Sweetener and Diva Honey. [
According to the post, the drugs would now be available in her outlet located at Wuse 2, Abuja. The company, Jaaruma Empire announced the collaboration claiming that they have been offered space by her.

In soliciting for patronage, they claimed to have “pussy sweetners”, which is “now available for you (that is customers) to use and kill him with pussy juice”, referring to the effects of the drugs on the men that sleep with those who apply the drugs.

The posts further encouraged young girls “from the ghetto to find their talent and gift, perfect it as it would take them places.”

The post which obviously had the tone of luring girls, especially from the ‘ ghetto ‘ into using their bodies to get what they wanted from men was undoubtedly coded.

It seems Rahama is not new to the use of aphrodisiacs. It was alleged that one of the major issues of trouble between her and Mohammed Babangida was the use of these aphrodisiacs. Her former husband was said to have vehemently kicked against it.
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