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So, what actually happened between actress Mide Funmi Martins and Afeez Abiodun, her husband of over 13 years? The grief-stricken actress, who has switched off her phone lamented in her post:

“….We live in a world where so many strange
things happen that are beyond human comprehension… First of all I want
correct this impression of me moving out of my husband’s house, I did not leave
my house nor pack out of his house, On the contrary, he was the one that left
me and moved out of the house!!…. And this happened like 3months ago when we
had a minor argument over the well being of his children… And he packed out
of the house abandoning me and 5 children at home; His 2kids, Our 2cousins that
has been leaving with us for the past 10yrs now and the househelp… Anyone who
is close to the house or our family can testify to it that I am still in the
house that we have lived together for 4yrs now, he was the one that moved out
and rented another apartment two weeks after… Presently as we speak, he’s now
leaving in his new house, neglected his wife, kids & responsibilities
since…I tried to resolve this issue by informing some of our close relatives
but all to no avail… I guess his mind was strongly made up and must have his
reasons for wanting to be a free man… Naturally couples do have issues
between each which are meant to be resolved between them amicably not taking
such a drastic measure like moving out of the house, a man for that
matter!!!…. Definitely he must have been planning to do so before was just looking
for an excuse!!! A responsible man would never abandon his family no matter the
circumstances!!!…. So I kept mute all this while and tried to move on with my
life, going about my daily business , working my head up day and night for the
survival of these children…. If you check through the years back, I never for
once talked about my husband badly … I always give him praises and appreciate
him anywhere and everywhere necessary… Is he God? Is he Angel? Or Is he that
perfect?… Ofcourse No!!…. He has hurt me so many times before Infact has
broken me countless time before but never for once said anything cruel about
him but instead tried to play along with maturity… Because I don’t ever want
to tarnish his image, I love my husband and cherish him more than any one can

Now!!… My husband why are
trying to destroy me? Why do you wanna kill me? What will be your achievement?
Why do you wish destroy my career.. This is the career that gives me money to
feed the children that came out from your flesh and blood… Why do I deserve
this kind of hatred from you?… Is this what I get for having stayed by your
side and supported you for good 13yrs?… Well no problem!!!..All will be
well… But I leave everything into God’s hands to judge between you and I …
I know he will surely fight my battle for me because ” Oba Elesan ni,
Adakedajo, arinurode, Olumoran okan, olugbeja eda”… Now Am crying out
unto you from the deepest pain of my heart!!.. “Gbogbo Eyin Abiamo
Aye”….Pls save me!! Pls save this poor innocent woman who’s done nothing
wrong but has always worked extra hard just to support and keep her family
together … Pls I beg you all in the of God to save me from this. Trauma that
am experiencing now… May God be with everyone… Thank You!!! (sic)