Mide Funmi Martins attacks Afeez Owo, ‘I’m not Your Angel’

Not done yet, Mide went on:

“People usually judge people by their
appearances which shouldn’t be so..we shouldn’t judge people from afar!!.. An
innocent looking person might be a devil underneath while an arrogant/ flashy
person might just be an angel to the core!!…

On the birthday celebratory message she didn’t
post, Mide, who posted three pictures of her and the daughters looking
grief-stricken, said:

“ So many people abused, cursed, judged,
criticized and even condemned me for not uploading his picture on his birthday
.. How can I celebrate a man that has abandoned me and his kids for over 3
months now without looking back and made it clear he wasn’t ready to get back
to me!!…If actually did that who would I be fooling? Myself? Him? Or the
Audience?… All that you see on his page..
@officialafeezowo on my birthday uploading my pictures and
saying some nice things was just a camouflage!! Deception!!… He wrote there
that am his angel.. “Can you leave your angel to starve to
death?”….if you check through his page very well he hasn’t uploaded my
picture there for a while before this very day of my birthday simply because he
left me a long time ago… All he does is fool the world by uploading his
children pictures which has been on him phone for long and now pretending to be
the best dad in the world. Whereas he hasn’t heard from these children or care
about their well being in a long while now… I don’t like really to upload my
children on net too much because I believe children are meant to be protected
by keeping them well and save inside not exposing them to the world every time
like they are some kind of items you wanna sell. That’s why I don’t put them on
Net too much except on very important occasion. That doesn’t mean I don’t love
them. I adore them!!… In fact they are my life!!!