Mercy Aigbe & Estranged Husband Now Back Together

The lavish 40th birthday party she threw raised suspicion. The party which took place on Monday January 1, 2018, was rumoured to have been sponsored by her husband, Lanre Gentry.

Mercy Aigbe’s estranged husband, Gentry, who is a businessman was said to have done his best possible to bring back his wife to their matrimonial bed since she separated from him and moved out of their home.

“He was the one who helped with the security personnel at the party and did other things because even before their fight and separation, he had promised his wife a superlative 40th birthday party,” an insider revealed to Kemiashefonlovehaven.

Recall that Lanre Gentry sent a birthday shout-out to his wife:
“Today you are @40 even though we are fighting I still say happy birthday to you because you are still my wife and my children mother as I use to call you ones again happy birthday to you Mercy Aigbe Gentry. Long life and God bless you.”

Surprisingly, Mercy went to Gentry’s Instagram handle, liked it and responded and wrote:
“Thank you Daddy J.”

This was not a norm since their separation because Mercy shunned Gentry when he celebrated his birthday in 2017.

“They are back together but not revealing it to the public. Gentry seems to have repented and sent many emissaries to beg Mercy and she must have accepted him back. She seems to be missing him and they have opened up communication line between each other.”

The seven-year-old union which produced a son made headlines when on Friday April 28, 2017, photos of a battered Mercy Aigbe-Gentry went viral online!
She was said to have been battered by her husband, Lanre Gentry and had suffered injuries on her face.
The actress moved out of her marriage, reported to the Anti-Domestic Violence Unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and the husband was charged to court. He spent seven days at the Kirikiri prisons after which he was released on bail.

The two have been in court twice on the issue but it seems they have settled out of court.
Now living in Magodo area of Lagos, it can’t be said if Mercy would want to return to her husband’s Ojodu home or not.

Meanwhile, the Nollywood actress has been seen putting up new cars for sale on her page. Could she be helping her husband market some of the cars he sells on her page?