Mercy Aigbe Celebrates Birthday…Wears Gorgeous Gowns Which Didn’t Spur Scandals

This time, she chose to wear a red dress which no bride would come out to say the dress was hers but stolen by Mercy Aigbe to have a birthday photo session!
Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe clocks 41 today and decides having a photo session with dresses from designers she trusted.
For this photo session, she wears a red dress from Toyin Lwani’s Tiannahstyling and another from her designer CEOLuminee.
Nice photos have been displayed on her social media handles and she is enjoying the ‘awwws, oohhhs’ and other accolades.
As she laps up the compliments and love, not everyone would forget in a hurry the ‘Red Dress’ for her 40th birthday phootshoot.
Then, her experience from the birthday photo shoot went awry and turned a scandal when a bride, Lawrenta Sawyerr, accused the beautiful actress of ‘converting’ her wedding dress into a birthday dress! Not only that she accused the designer, Rikaotobyme, for denying her the right of getting the dress ready for her wedding day in Benin, rather the designer gave it out to Mercy Aigbe!
Lawrenta Sawyerr threatened to sue not only the designer who disappointed her but also Mercy Aigbe for connivance!
The bride’s lawyers also accused the designer and Mercy Aigbe of fraudulent conspiracy to convert their client’s property for “selfish gains”.
Of course, the Internet almost crashed with the story and an embarrassed Mercy Aigbe also threatened to seek legal redress in a law court and also drag to court Sawyerr and the designer for false accusation and trying to defame her person.

Today, January 1, 2020, Mercy, who is free of haute couture-scandals this time took to Instagram to celebrate.
She wrote amidst sharing gorgeous photos, “If I had 10,000 tongues it won’t be enough 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Where and how do I even begin to count how you blessed me in 2019? Even tho I am underserving, Jehovah you showed me too much love! … Who am I that you are this mindful of me ABBA FATHER! … you elevated my status and blessed me even beyond my expectations… Ajoke aiye, Agbanilagbatan, Aribirabata, Oyigiyigi, Covenant Keeping God! Jehovah Overdo, Oba ti o kan okuta igun ipile aiye, God of Yesterday, Today and Forever, Aleselewi, Alewilese …. Papa I return all glory, honor and adoration to your holy name 🙏
Happy birthday to me once again and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! This 2020 shall be our year of heaven on earth in Jesus Name!”

She also wrote in other posts sharing lovely dresses, “Still my Day!…. chai I am so big on birthdays 😂
Happy Birthday Mercy! I love you 😍
Outfit made by @tiannahsplacempire
Styled by @tiannahsplacempire
Facebeat @beautifixx
Glowing into my next chapter, cos God gat me 😍❣️❤️”