‘How I lost my husband to another woman

Kate and Keith had been married for about
seven years without a child. Though doctors assured that nothing was medically
wrong with them, apprehension was deeply etched on their faces and it affected
other aspects of their lives.
Kate became very
irritable and flared up at any slight wrong her husband did. They quarrelled
often and her in-laws were not making it any easier for her either. She became

Keith, in his wisdom,
tried to make the best out of the situation, but his best wasn’t enough and it
took the intervention of a concerned neighbour for the marriage not to crash.
He introduced her to a fertility clinic where she had reproductive assistance
and ended up having a set of triplet— all boys.
She was happy and doted
on her bundle of joy and also resigned from her 9-5 job in order to have time
to raise her children properly. But then, she started attending a neighbouring
Christian fellowship and became fully involved. Her life revolved round the
church and in no time, she became a fanatic. The worst hit was her husband,
whom she neglected totally.
The initial love and
care that characterised their union ceased to exist and this worried Keith, who
kept asking her what had gone wrong. She was either fasting for lengthy periods
or attending various prayer meetings.
Her appearance also
became rather drab and she stopped looking attractive and appealing to him.
When he asked her why she chose to do away with jewellery and fixing her hair,
she made him realise that it was against her faith. Their bed also became
extremely cold and they barely had sex!
 All efforts to make her come back to her
senses proved abortive. Her refusal to heed to Keith’s advice became her
albatross. Since his wife considered it a grave sin to satisfy him as often as
possible, Keith started having affairs with other women. Even when Kate was
told about her husband’s philandering acts, she chose to ignore them and said
Keith would never cheat on her because she was his first love.
But she caught her
husband having sex in their matrimonial bed with a young lady, who, she
observed, could not be more than 21 years old!
 Days after, she refused to ask him about it
neither did she put up any attitude to register her displeasure. Rather, she
immediately went back to being the loving mother and wife she had always been.
She returned from church activities early; opened the car door for him and welcomed
him home warmly in see-through negligees and lingerie.
Kate ensured that her
husband was comfortable at home— she would volunteer to dress him up, bathe him
and she prepared for him the best dishes. Then, she went back to her old ways
of satisfying him sexually.
 Ironically, her actions only made Keith uncomfortable,
turning him into a scared stranger in his home. He stopped eating, for fear
that his wife’s silence and friendliness meant that she wanted to poison him.
He slept with one eye opened for fear that she could express her anger by
shooting or even stabbing him to death. He was not convinced of her love and
had already been consumed with his extra-marital affairs.
 He moved around his own home with caution and he
contemplated moving into another apartment with one of his mistresses.