Lord Trigg Comes For Toyin Lawani Again! Says, “You Swallow People’s Luck”

This is real trouble for serial entreprenuer.

Her baby daddy, Lord Trigg is out to embarrass Toyin Lawani at all cost. He is even offering to dole N20,000 to whoever would call her names!

After series of verbal attacks, Lord Trigg, whose son with Toyin Lawani, Lord Maine, is four years old, called her out recently on Snapchat.

He revealed that she’s currently in Turkey for another round of cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

In his post which has now gone viral, he said:

I swear this old shrinkle a$s hole ain’t ready for this lol.
First 20 people to comment “fake a$s hoes and @tiannahsplacempire, stop svcking peoples luck and grace” gets 20k each.
All these surgeries can not help you. You are in Turkey right right now for surgeries to look better won’t change nothing. You will come back still looking like an ameoba.

Toyin, who clocked 36 years on March 1 is out of the country.

She dated, was engaged to Lord Trigg, and had a baby boy, Lord Maine, for him. Toyin is 10 years older than Lord Trigg who had already parted ways with her.

Toyin is a serial entrepreneur, business mogul, fashion mogul, fashion icon, fashionista extraordinary, fashion goddess, super mom, celebrity stylist, creative designer, real estate agent, food expert, beauty & skin expert, spa expert , salon owner, photographer, builder, fashion and style teacher.