Leave My Husband Alone, Please!

Maryam is confused on the next step to
take. As a matter of fact, her 10-year-old marriage is being challenged by what
she describes as ‘satanic invasion’. She says, “My husband has always been a
faithful partner and most of my friends envy me. I thought all was well with my
marriage until I started seeing some strange text messages on his phone. Apart
from that, he could come back very late and tender flimsy excuses. Even making
some calls whenever I was present is becoming uncomfortable for him. I
tactically asked his driver and I got the shock of my life—my husband is seeing
another woman! After making inquiries, I realised that this other woman is not
only a widow; she is old enough to be his mother. Where on earth did he meet
her? What would he enjoy from that old hag? Though he is still the perfect
husband and father at home, I am scared that he could be bewitched and start
behaving otherwise. What do I do to stop that woman? I don’t want my husband to
know about my discovery because it could lead to a quarrel and nobody would
believe my story because he is a quiet person and I am an extrovert.”
Temi, 30, is also in same shoes: She
recalls, “My husband receives thousands of text messages that could make him a
billionaire if converted to cash,” she reveals. According to the mother of
three, her husband, Bernard, is seeing many women and exposing her to danger.
“Now, I have had to treat thrush, a disease I never had when I was single, for
about three times in five months! Whenever I asked him if he was seeing other
women, his reply was: ‘they are my clients and please don’t act funny.’ When I
could not stand the ‘thrush’ episode any longer, I told him point blank that I contracted
it from him and he innocently said that it could be from my office toilet
because there are many young women there. My problem is how to catch him in the
act because he looks and acts as if I am the nagging wife. Recently I flipped
through his handset and saw a strange text message. I quickly copied the number
and called whoever owned it. Before she could say ‘hello’, I warned her against
seeing my husband and even threatened to kill her if she proves stubborn. Well,
I thought I had scored a point and on my way to taking back my husband by
force. The next two hours after the call was horrible for me because my husband
drove back home, asked why I embarrassed his client and threatened to leave the
house if he loses that contact. According to him, she was the one helping their
company in getting juicy contracts in Abuja. I am so confused. I ended up
apologising to him but I know that he is unfaithful.”
For Nike, the road to marital
fulfillment is to ‘get greedy girls’ out of her husband’s path. “They flock
around him just because he is an artiste. Initially, I was not bothered because
I met him in the business. But after getting married three years ago, I felt
really uncomfortable especially when one of them would call him and engage him
in ‘midnight calls’. Whenever I woke up to get to the toilet, he would be on
the phone. Five days ago, I snatched the phone from him and shouted: ‘leave my
husband alone’ to whoever engaged him endlessly. Do you know what my husband
said? He said he was talking with his business partner abroad, who was about
coming to Nigeria for a big film production. Could that be true? I am fed up
because any move I take to curb him from been flirtatious is viewed as
‘jealous, malicious and overbearing’. What do I do before my home breaks down?”