Lara George Narrates Why KUSH Split… Marks 39th Birthday With Stunning Photos

Previously of KUSH music group, gospel artiste, Lara George is renowned for her hit track, ‘Dansaki’.

Lara George
Lara George

The once-upon-time plus sized lady has trimmed down and looks gorgeous!

Reminiscing on her career journey, Lara, who is currently on a United States musical tour,studied Architecture at the University of Lagos, where she joined the fellowship music team on campus. There, she met TY Bello, Emem Emma, and Dapo Torimiro.

Lara George
Lara George

Then, the musical group called KUSH, was born.

But just when the group was about to have a firm grip on the pulse of gospel music in the country, the unexpected happened— they broke up! It was a shattering experience not only to the trio of Ty, Lara and Emem but also to their fans.

TY Bello is now a photographer and Lara, still into gospel music.

Lara George
Lara George

As she marks her 39th birthday today, June 23, Lara writes:

“I reminisce and can only be thankful. So much to be thankful for. I would say professionally, it was 20years ago when God first placed me on this musical path I walk on today. 19years old, naive but hopeful, I stumbled onto destiny, and my life has not been able the same since. In the year 2000, a phenomenal thing happened to me. I got signed on; with the group I was a part of, to a US-based record label. Before then, I had never even considered music to be a possibility for me, at least not full-on. All of a sudden, here I was, googly eyed, along with my team mates, touring the world; playing festivals and concerts we could only describe and at best show pictures of. You see, instagram didn’t exist then. There was no twitter or Snapchat, and Facebook had only barely begun, I believe. As a group, we needed to take the world, one person at a time (or so it seemed at the time at least), and that was what we set out to do. Funny shebi? We set out to do it because we didn’t think we couldn’t. I look here today, and I see how far God has brought me. And I can only be thankful. Thankful because I must never take for granted, His mercies, His love, His faithfulness to me and mine. Not everyone who sets out comes this far. And yet I know that I have only just begun! In my life, every disappointment has become a blessing, every challenge has turned into breakthrough, every limitation has been used by God to cause Him to surpass my expectations and every stone that has ever been thrown at me has turned mid-flight into an instrument of good rather than evil. So far, God has confuted for me every tongue that has ever risen against me in judgement, and He has caused even my enemies to be at peace with me. How can I not be thankful? So I’m sending my Heavenly Father a special shout-out on this special day….. Thank you Jesus for being so good to me!!!!! *doingAJiggyDance* #Dansaki #June23rd #NewAlbumLoading #ASliceOfHeaven #Grateful #SoGrateful #halleluyah.” (sic)