Lagos Under Siege By Anti Democratic Forces

Every society that has ceased to exist starts from the point of aggravated injustice that provokes intractable anarchy.
Unfortunately, Lagos State is being pushed in the direction of that precipice by forces who can best be described as, not only enemies of democracy, but enemies of the people. These same forces have been responsible for the mobile retrogression of Nigeria since 1999 that we have moved into civilian governance. Their weapons have been domination, imposition and brazen overthrow of the people’s mandate.
The shameful shenanigan orchestrated today by the APC governorship primary committee chaired by Clement Ebiri, the former Cross Rivers State governor erroneously thought to be a man of impeccable integrity was another hatchet’s job executed in the service of merchants of inhumanity and derogation of all elements of societal value.
We should like to present a summary background to the current drama of shame by the Clement Ebiri electoral panel.
It is public knowledge that the APC governorship primary was slated to hold on Saturday September 29th, but postponed twice and announced finally to hold on Monday October 1, 2018. The Ebiri panel was sent from Abuja to conduct the said primary. However, as it was preparing to set in motion the processes of the primary, the Lagos State chairman of APC, against all norms known to law and decency, announced the results of a nonexistent primary.
Like a man of honor that he was thought to be, Clement Ebiri held an emergency Press Conference from his hotel that his committee was still sorting the materials meant for the Primary and urged the public to discountenance any announcement purportedly made with regard to the outcome of a primary that had not even started. He reiterated that, as the chairman of the Lagos primary committee and its Chief Returning Officer, no other person or individual or official of the Party had any right, authority or mandate to announce the results of the Primary or return a winner. He stated unequivocally that such an exercise in all essence was a nullity and a futility that wouldn’t stand the test of law or reason.
It is, therefore, a huge shock begging for explanation that the same Clement Ebiri would turn around to reannounce the fake results of a nonexistent primary that he had originally condemned, disowned, and distanced his committee from he now chose to append his endorsement.
We have it on good authority that members of the panel were stampeded out of their hotel rooms at gunpoint to the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport where, still at gun point, they were forced to declare the fake results of a nonexistent primary election by declaring Babajide Sanwoolu as “winner”.
This is a result purchased and declared under duress and must never be allowed to stand.
The time has come for Lagosians to rise up through a mass action to liberate ourselves from the iron grip of the terror of Bourdillon. Lagos cannot continue to be in the prison of Asiwaju Tinubu over which he could wield the power of life and death as he wishes.
This is a liberation struggle whose time has come. We must demonstrate our resolve and collective anger against a slave master that holds every Lagosian to ransom.
The APC has portrayed itself as a Party incapable of being just and fair and therefore must be rejected by all Nigerians. We call on all Lagosians to reject the kangaroo candidate imposed by the merchants of inhumanity and return Ambode to Alausa in 2019 whatever platform on which he runs.
All Nigerians must reject the APC and all its candidates in 2019 and change the change.
The APC has conducted the bloodiest and the most violent congreses and primaries since the rebirth of civilian rule in 1999. It is basking in incompetence, corruption and misgovernance except in Lagos State under the efficient administration of Governor Akinwumi Ambode.
It is such a shame that the national chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomohle, notorious for his advanced political hypocrisy and a master of manipulation could force the Party’s NWC to endorse a result that can best be described as an Oluwole-faked result.
We urge the governor to stand firm as the mass of Lagosians are behind him.
In the next few days, we shall coordinate a series of people’s actions to liberate Lagos State from the slave colony of the terror of Bourdillon.

Comrade Mark Adebayo wrote from Lagos