Lady Allegedly Murders Boyfriend For Proposing To Her Friend

A lady, Boma Mac-Pepple has been accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Okojaja. According to those close to the deceased, Boma carried out this act because Nathan reportedly proposed to another lady in Opobo, Rivers State.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday, May 8 at about 10:30pm. The accused, Boma that same night at about that time, declared the guy wanted on FACEBOOK.

Boma's post
Boma’s post

According to Nathan’s friend who came on Facebook to confirm the murder, Nathan proposed to Boma but she declined. Nathan then went on to propose to Boma’s friend and she accepted. They said Boma then came on Facebook (well she actually did) and declared Nathan wanted before she eventually murdered him.

The Facebook posts all below.
facebook murder1
facebook murder3