Before you say YES
Mr. Right can propose. Even when Miss Right agrees to walk
down the aisle with him, there are some issues to consider. Take time to
reflect on this checklist
Surprisingly, the motive for wanting to get married may be
different from that of your partner. You may be getting married because you
love your partner, whereas your partner is only getting married out of
desperation. Get to figure out if you are you getting married to each other for
the same reasons.
Before you propose to that lady or say yes to that man,
carry out your background check to be certain that all the stories you were fed
are true. Your intending spouse does not have to know about it and this should
not stop you from building the trust either.
Although medicine has clearly evolved and provided solution
to most ailments, it is advisable to marry someone who is medically compatible
with you. You may not have to spend too much money maintaining and sustaining
yourselves health wise. Also, ascertaining your medical fitness gives you an
idea of what to avoid or expect if you decide to go on with the marriage.
Your partner may tell you that the past has been buried, but
how he/she fared in that relationship might be a determining factor to the
outcome or success of the union. Old habits do not die young and chances are
that he/she would bring them into your union. Be sure to clear this air before
you move on.
How your partner relates with the opposite sexes in his
family could be a pointer to how he would relate with you. A lady who respects
her father and brothers would definitely respect you as a husband. If your
partner gets physical with his sisters, he may continue with you once you are
married. Also, how do your intending in-laws behave towards you? How does your
partner act around your family and friends? That could determine how successful
your marriage will be.
Maturity or age is not the only requirements for marriage. One’s
economic power also determines if a man is ready to marry or not. Financial
instability is one of the major causes of broken marriages. It is safer to
delay the marriage until both parties are financially stable. Also, how prudent
is your partner? If you are extravagant, you may want to stay away from someone
who is also extravagant, except if you have mutually decided to go bankrupt.
People’s disposition towards issues should determine if you
would marry them or not. Opposites attract. It is always advisable to marry
someone who is not of the same temperament with you. That way, you would
complement each other strongly. How does your partner handle issues? How
effective can he/she control anger? Consider these.
for future
It is always advisable to marry someone who has the same vision
of the future with you. Take into consideration the vision your partner has for
the future. Are they in line with yours? Do you want to have kids immediately
after the wedding when your partner may not want any kids at all? Set short and
long term goals and make sure they are in line with those of your partner.
Needless to say, you should get married to someone you are
emotionally attached to. Not only should your partner be mature, also make sure
he/she is emotionally able to handle whatever comes out of the union. Marriage
is a life time affair, and for better or worse.