Joseph Yobo & Family Share Christmas Photos

That footballer, Joseph Yobo is in love with his wife, Adaeze is no news. The two are inseparable.

Currently Ogoni chieftaincy title holders (Joseph is Meene Aborlo Ogoni 1, while Adaeze is Wa Meene Aborlo Ogoni 1), the couple took to Instagram to share family photos to mark Christmas.

Their love story has always been a delight to their fans.
Fashionable Adaeze is daughter to estranged wife of soccer ambassador John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe, a mother of four. The Fashanu’s marriage hit the rock and got messy with both parties talking to the press on each other’s vices and how they fell apart.
But unlike her mum, Adaeze’s marriage is intact and she stops at nothing to celebrate her husband and their love. The Yobo’s union has produced three children.

The couple goes on date nights, observes holidays and constantly professes love to each other on their social media space.