John Fashanu/Abigail Igwe Divorce: Rachel Bakam Says, “I Just Dey My Lane Dey Play My Part”

Sweethearts: Fashanu and Rachel

and TV host, Rachel Bakam, has come to stay in the intriguing love life of ex
footballer, John Fashanu. Formerly married to Israel Edjeren, she has indicated
in an interview with Saturday PUNCH that their relationship has been built on the rock
of Gibraltar.
who is also involved in a lot of charity works with her partner Fashanu, said
their relationship gets stronger every day.
get along very well. Our friendship gets better and stronger with time. We are
both Virgos so we understand each other very well. Yes there are ups and downs
but we are both communicators, so we work through every situation and grow.”
The soccer ambassador John Fashanu was married to Abigail
Igwe, a mother of four, who is the mother of former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria,
Adaeze Yobo. The union, which produced no issue, ended in a messy divorce last
Fashanu took yet another plunge into a relationship
when he found Rachel, who rose on the wings of her ex’ efforts to stardom. The
news of Fashanu and Rachel’s hush-hush romance, which later became public
knowledge, was met with mixed feelings.
Now that they are head-over-heels in love with each
other, hope Rachel has a cordial relationship with Fashanu’s ex, Abigail Igwe
and her daughter, Adaeze Yobo?
Her answer was positive.
said, “I appreciate that because I mean no disrespect to anyone. I just dey my lane dey play my
part…dey live my life
. I honestly don’t set out to hurt anyone
purposefully. I do the best I can to be respectful. I am work in progress.”

Fashanu and Abigail when the going was good

much was revealed during the messy fight between Fashanu and Abigail.  That must have painted some pictures on the
minds of people.
quickly dispelled that. She explained of her ‘sweetheart’: “Most of the things
painted about John Fashanu are really not the reality. It is the same as in my
case. In the world of showbiz, some will say good things about you and others
the contrary. You just need to keep your values up and do your best.”
wedding bells ring soon? Rachel played safe and said, “I am not keen on
re-marriage yet. Truth is, marriage is not something to rush into. Experience
has taught me that you have to weigh various components before coming to the
point where you accept to marry someone. I believe in taking things step by
step, get to know each other better first, then taking the step further when
the time is right.
son is getting along very well with John. John is very good with kids. I see
the relationship he has with his children, very commendable.”