Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Settlement: Basketmouth Says He Can’t Give Wife, Elsie $36bn!

Comedian, Basketmouth, has humorously revealed that he cannot give his wife, Elsie, who is a mother of his two kids, $36 billion in a divorce agreement.
He was responding to the divorce settlement of billionaire, Jeff Bezos, and his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos.
Mr Bezos announced on Thursday that he will transfer roughly 4% of Amazon’s stock to MacKenzie Bezos most likely by early July.
The 40-year-old comedian reacted to the news via an Instagram post on Friday.
$36Billion!! It’s already written “Till death do us part” I will never leave that marriage, for what?? Even if she’s cheating on me, I’m sure I will understand. Abegi….
“Worse comes to worse I start sleeping in the guest room. N36Billion?? Kuku kill me. We die there!!!!!”
he wrote.