Iyanya Reveals Ubi Franklin Is A Wife Beater…How He Assaulted Emma Nyra

The war raging between the founder of Made Men Music Group Ubi Franklin and musician, Iyanya seems undending.
The two have been locked in a battle of sorts after the latter alleged that betrayed him during their business venture as co-owners of Made Men Music Group.
Iyanya insisted that his name was not put on the deeds for the company.
Ubi Franklin dismissed the betrayal claims brought against him saying that the artist clearly stated that he did not want to have anything to do with the business side of the label.
The latest accusation from Iyanya is that Ubi Franklin is a wif beater.
Iyanya also revealed how Ubi Franklin batter musician Emma Nyra, who he dated and dumped to marry Lillian Esoro.
Emma is now a mother of a set of twins. Her babydaddy has not been unveiled though.
Meanwhile, Lillian Esoro is divorced from Ubi Franklin. The couple had a three-year-old boy together.

In an interview with The Native magazine, Iyanya revealed that: