Ini Edo’s Birthday Message At 34, ‘Wished I Had Gotten Married And Had Kids At 25!’

“My name is Iniobong, meaning
God’s time. God’s time is always the best. My life is planned and directed by He
who created me. Reason I can never be bothered
.” (sic)

That was one of her posts on
Instagram. Playful, down-to-earth and friendly, this Nollywood actress said she
attended a convent in her secondary school days. But the now 34-year-old Ini
Edo is far from being a nun!

Sexy, curvy and with looks that
would make any man drool, she has held her fans (foes too) in awe of her

A graduate of Theatre Arts, Ini, who was married to US-based
businessman, Philip Ehiagwinani, thought as a child that she would be a lawyer or
a newscaster. She would not have fitted well into any of those vocations, at
least not with those curves she flaunts.
Her marriage failed. The dramas that followed would
fill a book. According to her, it was due to, “irreconcilable differences.”
Sexy Ini moved on. Her lifestyle changed—new house, new
businesses, new looks and she hobnobs with the wealthy and mighty.

She says about her looks, “I love to look very feminine
and elegant, casual but sensual. I love sexy too. I love good handbags, I spend
money on bags, and I have tons of good leather and designer bags. The weirdest
thing you would find in my handbag is a hand sanitizer.”

Still single, she did not hesitate to post this on IG
lately: “
It doesn’t matter how many times you get hurt
or let down by the people you love, hold on to your true self because God knows
every tiny detail of your heart, as long as it’s pure, in “God’s
time” he will come through for you and all of your setbacks will become
your stepping stone and when God says yes, who de***** can say no?(sic)

Why is sexy Ini Edo, who has almost a million followers
on Instagram, single?

Simply put. Guys are always afraid of settling down
with a woman like her! Many reasons abound—she is an actress, has money to
throw around, she would not be submissive, every man desires her, she will not
obey her spouse… etc.
But to marry a girl like Ini is easy—just know her
likes, dislikes, be tolerant and know that she is wanted by millions of fans
out there. After walking her down the aisle, let her remain a star, while you
lie low, face your business, ignore comments and make sure she gets pregnant every
year like Omotola Jalade, who had her four babies in less than five years!

At 34, she wished and said in one of her
interviews, “
I would have gotten married and finished having kids
before 25.”

Happy birthday, Ini.