Impeachment: We’ll Sack Lagos Assembly

The Lagos Liberation Movement (LLM) has vowed to resist by any means possible, attempt by the Lagos State House of Assembly, to impeach Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State. The group says it viewed the latest move against Governor Ambode as the height of legislative rascality and abuse of office, by members of the State House of Assembly. And as such, vowed to sack members of the Lagos State House of Assembly at the forthcoming elections.

Speaking in a statement issued in Lagos on Monday and jointly signed by Comrades Mark Adebayo and Olufemi Lawson on behalf of the group, the LLM said “we wish to call the attention of Lagosians and Nigerians, to the latest move by some members of the Lagos State House of Assembly, acting as legislative scamp and are currently making an attempt to hoist something that is totally undemocratic on the people of Lagos State where they seek to, for no justifiable reason attempt an impeachment of the governor of Lagos State.’’

The Group expressed concern over the role being played by Lagos State House of Assembly, led by Speaker, Mr. Mudashiru Obasa, on the matter, as it said the Assembly, is deviating from its statutory responsibility, of law making, and seriously making move to hijack Executive responsibilities, that are beyond the mandates of the lawmakers.

According to the group, “the Assembly is beginning to position itself, as a clog in the wheel of progress of our State, and have refused to appreciate the unprecedented statesman role, played by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in stabilizing the state, despite the reactionary manipulations of the House of Assembly, against His administration.

“Besides that, there are conditions for impeachment should lawmakers be dissatisfied with the conduct of the Governor, and those conditions, do not fall within the scope of the comic attempts by the Obasa led group, in the Lagos State House of Assembly.”

The group also accused former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of being behind the garb of masquerade that is currently battling to illegally unseat Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

“This latest onslaught has totally unfolded a civilian coup in the State, keeping the Chief Executive Officer at hostage and disbursing the State funds for personal interest, will no longer be tolerated.”

“Rather than concentrate on more fundamental issues affecting the ordinary citizens of the State, the members of the assembly, have chosen to remain idle. They have refused to convene session of the House to consider the State’s appropriation bill, but are now turning round to hang their conspiratorial ineptitude on the hapless Governor who has tolerated and endured the shenanigans and humiliation in the interest of peace. Lagosians need to reclaim their state.”

“But for the Assembly, to hijack the powers bestowed on Mr. Governor and start threatening Governor Ambode with impeachment, on frivolous grounds, beats our imagination.”

“It beats our imagination that Lagos State, that should play the leading role when it comes to democratic practices and respect for the rule of law would be disgracing itself before the Nation and the international community with this kind of development, being embarked upon by the Mudashiru Obasa led House of Assembly.”

“These legislators and their external collaborators are sabotaging the smooth running of government, in the remaining days of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, and are desperately making attempt, at removing him through illegal means. But we wish to inform Lagosians and the entire world, that they will not succeed because we know that Lagosians will not allow them to make mockery of our democracy.” the statement read.

The Lagos State House of Assembly should be educated that the business of running the State cannot be reduced to an internal machinations of a Political party and the issues of governance must be carried out according to the dictates of the Constitution as we will not allow them to violate it, Enough is Enough” the group said.

The LLM said it will mobilize the people of the state to defend the mandate given to Governor Ambode and that plans by “an insignificant group hiding under their membership of the State’s House of Assembly to remove the governor will fail”.

“We shall also resist the move by these Lagos House of Assembly members, many of whom have never rendered of their stewardship to Lagosians, to use hoodlums and rabble rousers to cause disaffection in the state and trying to pretend that there is chaos in Lagos state.”

We also want the public to be aware that Lagosians are not involved in this notorious adventure to remove the Governor. It is only a few anti-democratic forces and pseudo-progressives that are troubling the government to satisfy their selfish interests. We know them and they will be exposed soon!