I Will Give Marriage Another Shot —Ayo Adesanya

She said her assets are her legs. 
But there is another asset Ayo
Adesanya cherishes more—her son. A product of her affair (or marriage?) with producer/director Goriola Hassan, you would get the worst reaction from her by mentioning
that name.
With her son, during his school’s inter-house sports day
In an interview I conducted with her two years ago and which
was published in SUNDAY PUNCH, I wanted to ask questions on that failed affair
but she quickly told me, 
 “I was never married to Goriola Hassan. We lived
together and had a child. He is nine years old (the boy is 11 years now).

Don’t even talk about reconciliation because the pretty
actress, promptly said, “I don’t want to talk on reconciliation. I have moved
on and I guess he has moved on too.”

A graduate of Communication Arts from the University of
Ibadan, Ayo declared that she loves acting. As a matter of fact, it is her

She says, “I don’t see me doing something else. I can
diversify but I will always continue to act because it is my world.”

We moved to relationship and I was curious to know why
actresses experience failed marriages. “It is not only actresses,” she opined.

“Other professionals experience failed marriages too. I just feel one shouldn’t
marry people in the same field because it has a lot of challenges. When you are
together, you do the same thing and then the home suffers for it.”

Ayo is still single, though she disclosed being in a
relationship and “having the best of my life.”

 Then, the question that everyone would ask her, will she
give marriage another shot?

not? I am still young (in my 40s) and will definitely get married someday. But
I am still learning because there are many things I need to know.”

Guys, this is Dating Dome, Ayo is single. Want to try? 
I wish you the best.