I Love To Gossip With My Husband—Helen Paul

Helen Paul has divulged to her fans another side of her they might not have
read anywhere—she loves to gossip. To her, that is the best way to unwind in a
hectic city like Lagos. According to the entertainer, who holds first and second
degrees in Theatre Arts, she unwinds with her husband and also loves to gossip.

Helen and Hubby

With son

She said, “I relax
whenever I am with my husband. I also enjoy gossip.”
A mother
of one, there is no denying the fact that she is talented and skillful at her
craft. In an interview granted SUNDAY PUNCH recently, Helen, who also bagged a doctorate
degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos, disclosed growing up with
her grandmother in Lagos.
That has
turned her to being a celebrity and she enjoys all the benefits.
Hear her: “What I love about
being a celebrity is that you can be identified easily. I mean people can
easily assist you if anything untoward happens.”
But she revealed the headache and heartache of a celebrity: “The other side of
it which I don’t enjoy is people prying into my private life. As a public
figure, everybody wants to know what is happening in your home. People you
don’t know are interested in your private life. Secondly, the fact that people
think that because you are on television, you have millions of money rolling in
your account can be quite annoying. I have been able to manage fame with the
grace of God. It has not been easy but I do not lose my head because I am
known. I am polite to my fans and we have a good relationship.”
Paul is best known as a stand-up comedian and popularly known as Tatafo. Her
style is quirky and spontaneous, and her petite stature and voice range make
her sound like a child (Wikipedia).