I Don’t Hide My Phone From My Wife, She Knows My Password—eLDee

This is not the usual practice with some couples but for 19 years, this couple confessed to have remained totally ‘naked with each other’ in word and in deed.
As they mark their 10th wedding anniversary today November 6, Nigerian rapper and businessman, Lanre Dabiri aka eLDee who is married to his long-term partner Dolapo, opens up on the secret of their stable union.

The couple who is currently based in the United States, shared photos on Instagram to mark the special date, also talked about their relationship and how they had a mock wedding while on campus.
Dolapo wrote, “It really doesn’t feel like 10 years come to think about it we’ve actually been together for more than twenty. I remember Abbey Oduwaiye (bless his soul) conducting a mock wedding ceremony for us back in Unilag. I remember saying “I do” and meaning it. I’m happy today but honestly Today really feels like everyday with you and the girls. Filled with peace, happiness, love, support and laughter. For this I’m grateful to Baba God! It’s been sweet and real all at the same time. Thank you for being both my rock and my cozy comforter . I feel safe with you. Here’s to US!! I love you. Happy Anniversary my darling…..to infinity and beyond ????”

In one of their interviews, the couple opened up on the secrets of their 10-year-old union:
Asked if they both have access to each other’s phones, social media accounts and eLDee said, “There is nothing to hide. She knows my passwords, I know hers too but we do not feel the need to check up on one another. We have been together for 19 years and not once have we hidden our phones from each other.
Dolapo said, “It’s a non-issue. We respect each other’s privacy, but there’s never been anything to hide.
But then, a female musician, Mocheddah tweeted a nude picture at eLDee sometimes back?
Dolapo was quick to say, “Celebrities are easy targets for scandals. I know eLDee and a nude picture is not something that would get him excited. If it had been a nude microphone, perhaps I would have been worried.”
Educating couples on why marriages fail, eLDee said, “Sometimes people don’t understand the simple rules of matrimony. What a man wants the most in a relationship is to be respected, and what a woman wants the most is to be loved. If there is a swing in the balance of those two things, the relationship is unlikely to survive. Celebrities must leave that persona outside of their home. Either spouse who earns more must honour the love and respect balance if they want their relationship to survive.”