“How I Had Triplets Without Fertility Drugs Or IVF”

Muinat would always tell you she is a walking miracle.

Muinat, husband and her family…triplets and her first two kids

A mother of two—a girl, 10 and a boy, 7—she tried having one child after her second baby but they came seven years after—a set of triplet.
With aso ebi friends on dedication Sunday

Not that she had assisted reproduction. No, Muinat revealed God as the doer of the great act.

Sharing photos of the triplets on social media during their dedication last Sunday, Kemiashefonlovehaven gathered from her:

With their kids..

“He is a Miracle working God. I conceived naturally. No medication. No IVF. It can only be God Almighty.”

The babies names (two boys and a girl) are a handful—Hassan,Hussain, and Hassanat.They are also Toluwanimi,Toluwalase, Tolulope.
If you choose to call them David, Daniel and Esther, they are cool!

Congrats to the new parents.