How At 60 I Sleep With Five Girls At Once

Dear Kemi,
I’m 60, a Christian and well respected. I look very innocent but none knows that I can ask about five girls to come and have fun with me in bed. I have prayed asking God to deliver me from this ungodly act but I cannot stop. Sometimes, I set a day to stop so that I can make heaven but soon I will see another girl and would talk to her again. Please what do I do? Now, I plan to even place myself on a curse if I ever venture into that act again. I want to do away with all of them. Please advise me.

B. I. D,
I need not condemn you. It’s a habit and a large number of people indulge in a habit or the other, which they are battling to get rid of. You can start by being determined not to go back to that habit even when faced with temptation. Also, I think at 60, there should be a level of self-control on your part, especially regarding sex, food and money. These, when in excess, can have negative effects on your ageing body.