How Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday Deceived Fans With An Engagement Video That Went Viral

On October 30, 2018, Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday caused a stir when she posted a video of a proposal from a supposed boyfriend who is a filmmaker, Elijah Rotimi.
To further buttress it, another actress, Iyabo Ojo, posted her excitement at the development and the fact that another wedding was coming up.
The video went viral!! Nkechi thanked her fans.
But on Thursday November 1, 2018, Nkechi, who featured in the movie, “Omoge Lekki” put up a post that the engagement was fake! To her, it was a skit that went wrong!
She wrote:
BREAKING NEWS!!! I know a whole lot of people Fell for that Viral video of me getting engaged,Because of my Facial expression and reaction ? Well that is what makes me a good Actor??my Sincere APOLOGY to my True FANS who congratulated me from their heart??♀️? I AM DEEPLY SORRY?? and to those who were in doubt,U are not an Enemy❤️..PS: I am not the type that brings her Relationship to social media??….But when the Right Man comes along,Imma be the one to post about my engagement on my page ?? @iyaboojofespris sorry for bringing you into dis ma??♀️ you know we all did not see it getting to this point?..And to those fighting each other in d comment section of every blog,Pls I am sorry for putting you all thru this??♀️??…The only thing happening in 2019 is my Birthday come 14th of February…Thank you All❤️ ‘
But many of her fans didn’t believe her and felt she must have changed her mind on Rotimi.
She disagreed with such minds and even called some of them ‘idiots’.
Her act of deceiving fans and followers in her desperate attempts to be a star must have painted her as an unserious actress.
“That was why Juliet Ibrahim ignored her apology when she was rude to her. Its obvious Nkechi wants to be a star by all means and not ready to pay the price her predecessors paid to get to where they are today. She has been so controversial in 2018 and become a nuisance on social media,” one of her fans said.