Heyden Oil Boss, Dapo Abiodun Immortalises Late Son DJ Olu

The sad, surreal story of Olugbemiga Abiodun’s death a.k.a DJ Olu, moves his family and friends to tears as you read. But Dapo Abiodun, his father and founder of Heyden Oil, draws solace from the fact that he (Olu) was older than the days he lived and the breaths he drew.

The deceased effortlessly combined the wisdom of old age with exuberance of youth thus manifesting as an inspiring bridge between, young and old, past and present.

While alive, the past throbbed through him in a mighty rhythm and the future pounded the drums of eternity to which he swayed as the tides and seasons swayed.

Pity he had to depart the world so soon. But DJ Olu made his mark on the world; the brilliant, adventurous entertainer and entrepreneur left pieces of his soul and rousing nature behind.

For instance, besides his entertainment exploits, he was in the final stages of completing a state-of-the-art car wash in his neighbourhood, Victoria Garden City (VGC).
The project was among several ventures embarked upon by the deceased in his lifetime. The magnitude of the car wash project left his loved ones in wonder. His father for instance, didn’t know that the project exceeded the middling frame of the random car wash services across the country.

Confronted with the magnitude of the initiative, the Chairman of Heyden Oil resolved to tie all loose ends of the almost finished project. And as soon as it was completed, the billionaire oil magnate threw its doors open in a grand commissioning ceremony.
Intrigued by the pageantry and sheer size of the carwash service, friends, neighbours and prospective clients thronged its impressive expanse to support the family and identify with the project. Many expressed their eagerness to patronise the service and recommend it to more people
Several guests at the grand opening of the carwash acknowledged its worth as a befitting monument or immortalization of the extraordinary life and humanity of the deceased.

It would be recalled that DJ Olu’s demise elicited questions as to how and why such a tragedy should befall him at the prime of life. His unfortunate demise threw his family and friends in a state of despair because the deceased touched so many lives at different levels.
Those who know him described him as a very down-to-earth, generous, kind-hearted, idealist who inspired others even while hope seemed a futile venture.
Family and friends at home and abroad commiserated with the Abiodun’s in the wake of DJ Olu’s death. Despite the outpour of love and goodwill to the bereaved family, parents and siblings of the deceased aren’t finding it easy to come to terms with the heart-wrenching and enduring agony that accompanies the death of a loved son and brother.
It is however, the family’s ultimate wish to forever elongate and treasure memories of the joyous days and priceless moments they spent with Olugbemiga. And what better way to achieve that than immortalizing the deceased by completing and running his extraordinary car wash service.