He Loves Money, Not Me!

Dear Kemi,

I am dating my friend’s brother and I thought he loved me. Recently, the sister told me that he only needs my money and does not love me. I find this hard to believe because I love him dearly and I don’t want to lose him. What do I do?
Ikeja, Lagos
Do you think she told you the truth? Even if she did, have you taken time to investigate? There are several ways you can do that. First, if you have been giving him money, then stop it. If he asks you, tell him you don’t have and watch his reaction. On the other hand, the lady could want you out of her brother’s life due to whatever reasons. In the same vein, I sense the guy wants you out of his life and could have connived with his sister to tell you that story, which could make you jilt him. Just be careful with them and don’t be blind because you are in love. Be on the alert and be careful what you say to your friend, the man’s sister.