Governor Ambode Reveals, “I Was Told I Wouldn’t Be A Successful Accountant”

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State who was a former Accountant General and Auditor General of Lagos State before he became the state governor, has disclosed how his hard work and determination paved way for him.

As a young man, the Leadership and Management expert was scolded that he could never be a successful Accountant. Taking it as a challenge, he graduated at the age of 21 and by 24, he had his Master’s degree and ICAN qualification.

In a recent interview with City People, he detailed his educational struggles, saying:
“I have a philosophical outlook to what I am today. I am the son of a teacher, a disciplinarian. My mum, a complete housewife, and seamstress. But she was also an entrepreneur. So obviously for me, I have had youthful encounters in instances where, I have actually been scolded that I can never be a successful Accountant.
So, that resonated with me and it has, stayed with me since. When I was age 12 or 13, I promised myself that whatever level it will take to attain the pinnacle of the Accountancy profession, I will do it for myself. I also never wanted to go through the route of living an unworthy life. Those were the two things that were always pushing me. And then I lost my father at the age of 18 and my mother was a housewife. So obviously within the context of my beliefs and my age, I needed to do something crazy and extraordinary.
So, I decided to go on doing all the available courses. So at the same time, I was in the University, I was doing professional exams, I was working. I was a multi-tasker at the age of 20. I graduated at the age of 21. By 24, I had my Masters degree, ICAN qualification.
From 1988-91, Ambode who became the 14th Governor of Lagos State in 2015 was the Assistant Treasurer, Badagry Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria. In 1991, he was posted to Shomolu Local Government, Lagos State, as an Auditor. He has also held the position of Council Treasurer in Shomolu Local Government in later years.

He also previously served as Council Treasurer at Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State. In 2001, he became acting Auditor General for Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria. This position was confirmed by the State House of Assembly. In January 2005, Ambode was appointed the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

From 2006- 2012, Ambode was the accountant general for Lagos State, in charge of all the financial activities of the state and directly responsible for over 1400 accountants in the state service.