Frustrated Spinster Cry Out, “Two Men Want To Marry Me!

sat on her desk with head slightly bowed. Her life was slowly falling apart.
She had thought of various ways of wriggling herself out of her present
predicament and the more she thought about it, the more her head ached. She
shut her office door, switched off her mobile phones, unhooked her landline and
as she attempted resting, her immediate boss barged in.
He fumed, flung the thick file he had with him on her desk
and proceeded to tongue lash her. He said that he was irritated at her
lackadaisical attitude to work— something she never did.
He had tried finding out why she was no longer putting
in her best at work, all to no avail. Now tired of bearing with her, he told
her that the earlier she got her acts together, the better for her.
But what could be wrong with her? It was just four
months to her wedding to Ogbonnaya, an assistant bank manager in one of the new
generation banks, yet she wasn’t at peace with herself. Ogbonnaya had also
unsuccessfully tried to find out why she was disturbed and he couldn’t
understand why his would- be bride wasn’t looking forward to her wedding.
 Unfortunately, Nkechi couldn’t confide in her
fiancé. How would she confess to him that her lover, Obi, a married man, wanted
her hand in marriage also?
Obi came into the picture when things were quite rough
for her parents and he stood by her and saw her through school. He had promised
to fund her university education on the condition that she not only agreed to
dating him but to also end up as his second wife.
Nkechi had out of desperation to get herself educated,
agreed to his marriage proposal. Obi, a successful businessman with vast
interests in commodity trading didn’t have a university education but had built
his business by sheer dint of hard work and a dose of street smartness.
Without a child he could groom to take over from him
and a wife whose educational qualification was at par with his, he saw in
Nkechi an investment opportunity, especially as she had the potentials to make
a success of her life.
She then promised marrying him. Nkechi had no
intention to accede to her promise. She assumed he would be contented remaining
her lover, hoping that with time, he would forget marriage with her.
But how wrong she was. Having evaded him on the issue
for years, she felt she could comfortably plan a wedding with Ogbonnaya, whom
she was secretly dating. Unfortunately, Obi found out and now wants his pound
of flesh back.
 So, how does she tell her fiancé that Obi was on
the verge of making good his threat to extract her promise of marrying him
after school?
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