Friends Shocked As Lola Alao Now Declares She’s Actually A Muslim

This morning, Nollywood actress Lola Alao, cleared the air on her
religion. She took to Instagram and posted:
“Salaam alykun to all my wonderful friends and fans, May almighty Allah
grant u all your heart desires. I just want everyone to know that i was born in
to a Muslim home my late farmer’s name is Lasisi Alao, so i reverted back to my
root through Alhaji Yusuf Adepoju (Acadip) May almighty Allah bless him and all
my wonderful friends and fans…. Ťhanks love you all.. Rohdiat Omolola Alao
Meanwhile, when Kemilovehaven called her yesterday, July 21, Lola, who
was in Abuja on a business trip, maintained that she was a Christian. Her friends
also confirmed she was a Christian.

“I am a
Christian and a full-time member of the Redeemed Church. I don’t know where
that emanated from. I was born and raised a Christian. I was never a Muslim.
That’s all I have to say,” she said.Known to always declare Pastor Kalejaiye as her
spiritual father, Lola Alao even planned shooting Christian movies!

The declaration this morning not only took this writer by surprise, but
her friends.
“I know Lola to be a very good Christian, who is also a protégé of the
RCCG pastor, Pastor Kalejaiye. I’m shocked at the declaration on her IG and I
hope it was not hacked. Well, it’s her life and she has every right to choose
her religion,” one of he close friends said.

Tuesday, July 19 2016, a certain Adepoju Yusuf Olatunde of
Nigeria, who claimed that the new convert has taken
Islamic lessons and now a full-fledged Muslim,
posted on Facebook:

“Join me
in Congratulating LOLA ALAO (A Popular Nollywood Actress) She just took the
Kalimatu Shaa’dah from me, and chose the name RHODIAT. May Allah give her
proper understanding of Islam, and make her, well grounded in her new Faith,
Al-Islam. Aamiyn.”