Emeka Ike’s Personal Assistant Accuses Pastor Kris Okotie Of Snatching Actor’s Wife

If Emma, the woman who was married to Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, for 17 years (four of which she was separated from him) thinks she has heard the last of her former husband, then she needs to wake up from her slumber.

The marriage which produced four children was dissolved on March 2, 2017 at the Lagos Island Customary Court.

The Nollywood actor, who was said to have had a joint account with the mother of his children and even built a secondary school in her name in a the Magodo area of Lagos before the break up was said to have knelt down in the courtroom begging his wife to stay back and not walk out of their marriage.

Emma refused. She cited Domestic Violence from her husband.

Then, just a few days after the marriage dissolution, Emma, a half caste, organized a press conference and revealed all sorts about her former husband.
His friends were livid with anger and one of them, director/producer/filmmaker Fidelis Duker, took to social media to “warn” Emma from disgracing herself and not Emeka because posterity would judge her.

As if that was not enough dose for Emma, today, March 9, Emeka’s Personal Assistant, Oruma Michael also took to his social media platform to give a piece of his mind to the former wife of his boss.

Oruma wrote:
Its about time we all think deep into stories to spore hatred and damage a talented and vision driven, hard working man. His wife has left his house for over 5 years abandoning her 4 little children only for reasons best known to her.

I am close to Emeka and he has beautiful kids, only to find out from the Kids all that she had done and all what she said Emeka did are all lies, accusing him falsely and trying to ridicule a Nigerian star.

Now we have kept quiet for too long, allow time to run by to allow them to settle their differences but what I’ve found out that some disgruntled wealthy men are bent on wrecking his home and taking his wife as their slut. Okay now, take the wife and leave this guy alone!!!!Wetin??

He told the court, he wanted her back, a pastor rented a house and man bought her a new car. Take her oga and let this guys live in peace, he has moved on with his Kids, all 4 of them, happy with their new lives and he has built his business back and his reputation stable.

His wife is making more money now, so why is she still having Emeka’s time, why is she spending this amount of energy on a dude she claims hurt her. She really thinks she hurting emeka, No. She traumatising her own children not emeka, I’m old enough to smell b.s from afar but the kids aren’t.

They are ridiculed in school because of their mothers posts which they know are all lies. Who knows emeka wife’s name, but because emeka is a celebrated actor, she thinks she’s hurting him at the end of the day which wife beater is ever given custody of 4 children.

Going about acting a slut to a pastor will not help you because the other women that have passed through that process are all junkies now because your pastor lover laces them with drugs before sex.

You will end up dismantled and deformed like the other women of Pastor Chris Okotie. Do people go around having press conferences over family matters? People enjoy thriving on others people’s despair, Everyday is for the thief one day for the owner of the house. I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER.” (sic)