Emeka Ike Reveals His Ex Wife Was Blackmailed… “She’s Now Running For Her Life”

Divorced father of four, Emeka Ike has again revealed why his wife, Emma left him and her children without a second thought.

According to the President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, he escaped assassination attempts twice and his wife must have had a knowledge of who the assassins were and who sent them after him.
In an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, he revealed

“This matter with my ex-wife is not an important issue. There are more important things I’m concerned with right now and I wouldn’t want to lose focus. A time is coming when I would set the records straight about what really transpired between us. There have been two attempts to kill me and both times, I escaped unscathed. That’s part of the reason my wife left; she is running for her life. I know that some people are blackmailing her and it is the same set of people that leaked the news of our divorce to the media. Even before I got to court with my lawyer on the day judgment was delivered, the news was already on the Internet that my marriage had been dissolved. But the good thing is that I know the people behind this and I will talk at the right time. If it is true that I’m violent, why did the jury which comprised women grant me custody of our four young children? That should tell you something is not right.”
Recall that for two years, Emeka’s former spouse, Emma, citing domestic violence, had headed for the court and prayed that her now 17-year-old marriage to Emeka Ike be dissolved.
Then, Ike has continued to deny the claims, pleading with the court to not separate them as he still loved his wife and wanted her back.
But the Emeka and Emma union, which produced four children, was dissolved on March 2, 2017 by the Lagos Island Customary Court.

The president of the court, Awos Awosola, granted the request of Emma who in July 2015, had approached the court to dissolve her marriage over allegations of physical abuse she suffered while they lived together as a couple.
The Nollywood actor, who was said to have had a joint account with the mother of his children and even built a secondary school in her name in a the Magodo area of Lagos before the break up was said to have knelt down in the courtroom begging his wife to stay back and not walk out of their marriage.

The court granted custody of their four children to Emeka Ike and added that their mother be granted easy and unhindered access to them. He also ordered the refund of the N300 Emeka paid as dowry when they got married.