Despite Two Failed Marriages, Actress Laide Bakare Splurges N320k On Nails

has always placed herself as one of the richest actresses in Nollywood Yoruba
what with the cars she rides, the budget for her movies and houses she lived. To
pretty veteran actress Laide Bakare, wealth is to be flaunted—not hidden.
in the United States of America with her daughter, Simi, on vacation, she has
been showing off her fashion fetishes to fans on Instagram. No big deal, at
least she is a celeb and can display any picture on her page for fans’ delight.

She was at Louis Vuitton and Moschino
stores and didn’t hide her buys from fans.

But recently, the mother of three
posted her well manicured fingernails and wrote: “
my $1000 nails like never b4.” (sic).

The nails as displayed on IG

It went viral on the Internet.

Don’t blame Laide Bakare. In a recent interview with SUNDAY
PUNCH, she referred to herself as a goddess with beautiful skin, fine face etc.

Hear her: “ I see myself as a goddess. I am
lucky that God endowed me with so much beauty. I seldom apply make-up and when
I do, it is for professional reasons. My skin has always been smooth, beautiful
and spotless. I have never had a single pimple on my face or any part of my
body. Why do I have to go through the trouble of wearing heavy make-up? I do
not apply any special cream and I do not have a  beauty routine.”

also said her favourite fashion accessories are wristwatches and bags.
is, her fans on Instagram can’t be tired staring at her handbags, wristwatches,
sunglasses etc.
mother, a producer/director coupled with her record label, she definitely has a
lot on her plate.

Laide and her Louis Vuitton bag

actress had attempted marriage twice, but not had it good. The second marriage
to Alhaji Orilowo was fraught with scandals.  She reportedly married her second husband Orilowo without legally ending her first marriage to Olumide Okufulire. In 2014, Alhaji Atanda Orilowo was alleged to be on the run from
the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for committing fraudulent
crimes. In an interview with Encomium Magazine on October 18, 2014, Laide
refused to address her personal life.

“You can’t change who I am.
I don’t talk about my marriage. I can’t talk about my love. I just don’t find
it convenient discussing my love. It’s nobody’s business. I am in love, good. I
am remarried, good. I have a new kid, good, I am who I am, good, I am contented
and I am so happy with my life. Thus, anybody who is not happy with my new
found joy should go to hell,” she said.

some of her fans had attacked her on the 320k nails.
 awelewa”__mileycookie@flowercomb said, “There’s
nothing attractive in d nails sef.” (sic). Another,  instafbi9ja,
said, “She can never do this nail $100 anywhere in US. Who is she to do that?” Then
a miffed  dayotutu@segzy_kay said, “I think
medical checkup is out of it, she needs rehabilitation in a corrections
another fan,  dayotutu,
its typical of Africans to show off. He said, “Don’t know why African artistes
and actresses like bluffing on vanity. Even if they visit Burger King, Wal-Mart
etc, they will post it on line. Am waiting for the day they will start
flaunting going to the loo at Union Station in DC!” (sic).
 mimimized, said,
Like its going to take her to heaven…?”
criticisms got humorous when ___brown_sugar said, “Chai!! Emagbamike. Abi Is
nuh this nails they do for #100
at post office side in Ilorin ni. You’ll even get more attractive ones sef.
Maybe she meant to type $10 and her phone mistyped sha. You know the phones
with broken screen na.” (sic)