Busola Dakolo Makes U-Turn… Says She Wasn’t Forced To Sign Any Letter Countering Allegation Against Fatoyinbo

Busola, wife of popular singer, Timi Dakolo, has debunked the piece of news that she was forced to sign a letter countering allegations against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) raped her.
In an Instagram post some hours ago, Busola, a mother of three, refuted such an act but corrected that she granted the interview when the police visited her house in Lagos in July.
She wrote:
Thanks for the goodwill and best wishes.

The interview with the UK Guardian was held two weeks ago when the police came to my house. It is not a new interview.
I did not sign a counter petition or acquiesce to any counter petition.

I am very grateful for all those who have reached out, including from institutions that are to help us get justice.

Our legal and police case continues. This has not ended by any chance. This is about many young girls who must know they can get justice when they speak. I continue to be resolute and thank you for standing with us.

Recall that Busola had an interview with the Guardian of UK and she had alleged signing a letter countering allegations against the COZA pastor, Fatoyinbo.

Mrs Dakolo had in an interview published by YNaija in June accused Fatoyinbo of raping her as a teenager.
The flamboyant cleric, however, denies the allegation, drawing support from his wife and thousands of church members.
Weeks after Busola’s allegation, precisely on July 20, policemen stormed her house to request that she and her husband come to Abuja for questioning.
Busola recalled that a silver Toyota had tailed her as she was driving home and a white minibus with tinted windows was parked outside her house.
By the time she got to her gate, the minibus with no police markings had blocked her path.

According to her, a man appeared and told her to get out of her car, get into the bus and speak to his boss.
She said when she refused, three men got out of the minibus and walked towards her.
“One was holding a gun, and I noticed a second one holding a letter. They told me they were from IG’s (the inspector general of police) office in Abuja and that I needed to sign this letter and acknowledge it,” Busola said in the interview.
She said it was “extremely intimidating” to have a gunman emerge from a darkened minibus, and that she eventually complied out of shock.
The letter contained allegations of criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief and threat to life against Busola and Timi Dakolo.
While little was said about Busola’s allegation, the charges against the Dakolos were brought by the police in a counter-case filed by Fatoyinbo.
“Our culture doesn’t allow speaking of these sorts of things against anointed men of God,” Busola told the Guardian.
“They’d rather hide it, and the party that is being victimised tends to live with that self-blame. The damage on the survivor is extremely terrible. The society, the church, keeps sweeping things under the carpet.”
Fatoyinbo returned to the pulpit on Sunday after a month’s absence.
“As a Christian, you must face opposition. If God, who is holy and faithful, has enemies, you are sure going to have,” he told his delighted congregation.