Bloggers At War! Linda Ikeji Dares Stella Dimoko-Korkus “Go Ahead, Reveal”…Abacha’s Daughter Supports Stella

If anyone thought Friday was the last scene of the war between popular bloggers, Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko-Korkus, they must be very wrong.
The ‘plagiarism’ war is raging on and the two are ready to expose secrets.
Since Stella has decided opening some Linda’s cans of worm, there is panic.Read: Linda Ikeji’s Baby’s Patermity Saga Rages On As Blogger Stella Dimoko Calls
But Linda, hiding under the guise of her staff, challenged Stella to go ahead. Already, Stella has written that Linda Ikeji is a sperm thief and alleged that she never carried her newborn baby in her womb but through surrogacy.

Posting on their Instagram page, LIB replied:
Dear hanty Stella, you dont know shit about our madam, if you did, you would have written by now. We tripple dare you to reveal what you know about Linda and stop making empty threats. Our CEO has lived a good life and has been open about her struggles and rags to riches story but you always insinuate you know something others dont. We dare you to write it. What other lie do you want to tell that is not already in the public? ???. Who the hell do you think you are to be constantly threatening her? You think if she wanted to fight you, you would win? ???. Linda is blessed and enjoying maternity leave but the rest of us have your time. Try it! .

Update: hanty Stella, that was all you could come up with? ???. Lame and dumb post. Childish, desperate and weak.???. Now run along. ???

Update: Linda has never shamed Stella or her children. Never! Or ever said Stella whored around. She doesn’t know you that well to say such about you. She doesn’t even say that about any woman but hanty stella needs an excuse to hate on Linda so she makes up these lies to validate her constant attack on the woman. Like we said, we have time and if our CEO wants us to take this down later we will, but for now, we have time.

Meanwhile, the late General Sani Abacha’s daughter, Gumsu, who is an ally of Stella has thrown support behind the blogger. Also calling Linda a devil, Gumsu, who is happily married and lives in Cameroun with her family refers to Linda as having a heart of stone.
She commented on Stella’s post: