Bimbo Folawiyo Takes On Estranged Hubby Says, “I’m Free From Slavery, From Those Who Want My Life”

Married to Yomi Folawiyo, who is the son of
late Baba Adinni of Nigeria, Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, Bimbo nee Kashamu,
headlined the news lin June 2016 when she granted an interview to City People
magazine that she had packed out of her matrimonial home.
Her five-year-old marriage to Yomi seems to
have broken down irretrievably.
Citing many reasons including Yomi’s indebtedness,
the beautiful mother of two did not fail to narrate how she feared for her life
living with her estranged husband whom she also disclosed had moved out of the
house months before she did.
Indeed, the Lagos ‘big gal’ has moved on.
All she needed to say after the mind-boggling interview can now be read on her
IG handle. Just when she moved into her luxury apartment, she posted that, “
Setting dinner for my kids. Cheers to
slavery-free life. Cheers to coming home to a peaceful environment . # All that
glitters is not gold # freedom from evil people who need my life, freedom from
lies & cheap blackmail. #prayer is the key# I have always said whoever
touches me for evil has a question to answer with God. I have searched my
conscience and my hands are clean. My life has just begun

family and friends tried to reconcile the couple but the moves met a brick wall.
Bimbo, while wishing a member of the Folawiyo, Alhaja Modude Dania, a happy
birthday, she said:

“Even though I
am no longer part of him, I can never stop celebrating you. Please everyone
help me wish my mum in the Folawiyo’s house a very happy birthday. I have never
seen anyone like her in my whole life , she took me like her daughter, she was
never tired making peace, she would call me to make sure I was calm and most of
all, she taught me about prayers and made me get closer to God. She would never
take sides, I have never seen this kind of wonderful woman in my life . She is
not a proud woman, she gave me the opportunity to be very close to her. A woman
with a heart of Gold! I love you so much mummy. I love you so damn much, thank you
so much ma. I pray you will celebrate many more years on earth and I wish you
all the best ma. #Happy birthday to my
beautiful darling mummy Alhaja Modude Dania. Out of sight is not out of mind.”

Referring to herself as, ‘One
woman battalion,’ it was obvious Bimbo, who runs a beauty palour in Lagos, was
referring to haters especially those who complained of the way she dresses and
posts pictures on Instagram when she  said in another post, “
They said instagram is my home. Lollllll. This is
how a good wife, girl friend, ladylove, should dress. Fxxxk off with your
opinions, concentrate on your life not my life, when people get to hell fire you
will be asked about your life not mine. A good man accepts his woman in whatever
career she wants, how foolish does this sound? Men believe a woman who covers
her head with veil is innocent and the ones who look wild are the useless ones.
You are deceiving yourself.” (sic)

Then, she posted another ‘missle’which
was obviously aimed at Yomi, her estranged spouse, “I was your cure but you
were my disease. I was saving you but you were killing me.” Then, she crowned
it with this, “No matter what I still wish you the best and I hope you find

Will Yomi, who also indicated in
an being killed, reply
her? The battle has just begun.