Babangida’s Son, Aminu, Emerges Unity Bank’s Youngest Chairman

Aminu Babangida’s genius is exhilarating. It has seen him through the odds of entrepreneurship, until he attained mastery of complexity and creative command of simplicity. It has also seen him become the chairman of Unity Bank Plc.

There is no gainsaying Unity Bank nurtured no inhibitions appointing Aminu as its new chairman. The ex-military president, Ibrahim Babangida’s son looked every inch intimidating on paper thus beating all other likely candidates for the job.

Aminu exudes the common core of entrepreneurial depth, tact, and other personal and social abilities which has proven to be the key ingredients of his brilliance and emotional intelligence.

Besides his immeasurable experience as a business manager and self-made entrepreneur, Aminu has also worked on the trading floor of Trafigura BV, London, UK. He attended Regents Business School and Westminster Business School in London where he obtained a BA in International Business and MA in International Business Management respectively.

He was appointed to the board of Unity Bank Plc in 2011.

Everywhere Aminu navigates, he radiates a spirit of independence and sense of worth that even the world’s finest and most daring industrialists labour to achieve. And he is just a bit over 40.

His vast knowledge, unrelenting gift of perception and excellent moral fiber, enhanced his appointment by Unity Bank as well as the ratification of his employment by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
There is no gainsaying Aminu, the entrepreneur, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Energy, Abuja, radiated the greatest appeal among a list of candidates nominated for the esteemed position.

Aminu has always flaunted a reputation for good judgment, fair dealing and rectitude. Hence like the proverbial ethical rebel, he understands that the one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience thus where the majority plays rogue, Aminu opts to play by the rules.

His inexorable desire to make a positive difference has seen him cut a swift, inspiring path to the top of the business world. Like a fearless warrior, he soldiers on, hacking his way through the frontlines of predictable and unforeseen odds, wielding knowledge as his sword and integrity as his shield.
His appointment as the Chairman, Unity Bank, makes him the country’s youngest bank chairman ever, having only recently crossed the threshold of 40 years of age.. Despite his youth, there is no gainsaying Aminu is blessed with a wise head on his young shoulders.

His youth and fearlessness are his greatest assets, enabling him to think up bold moves which he deploys regularly to outsmart more tenured counterparts in industry.

Aminu’s genius is indeed, of no mean roots. It is surely of a descent of men who reach such an acute unlimited excellence in their prime, that every sterling exploit afterward savours of extraordinary brilliance.

Without doubt, few men of Aminu’s age are wrought of such transcendent capacity for unprecedented exploits and strides in the cutthroat business world. This explains Unity Bank’s fascination by him. This explains his ascent the steep slope of entrepreneurial acclaim, in his youth.