At Last! Bidemi Kosoko Gets Own Beau…Holds Introduction

It was all joy on Boxing Day As pretty actress, Bidemi, who is also a daughter of actor Jide Kosoko, held a colorful introduction ceremony in Lagos.
Engaged and set to wed a certain young man called Daniel, Bidemi was the talk-of-the-town as friends and followers shared in her joy.
Though a date hasn’t been announced for the wedding of the lovebirds, its very certain, its going to be 2019 what with the hashtag DAAB2019.

This is also cheery news for many of her fans who were taken aback in 2017 when another actress, Bose Alao called out Bidemi Kosoko for dating her footballer husband, Omotoyosi Rasaki, who is based in Ghana.
The husband-snatching saga also took another turn when a few weeks after another woman accused Bidemi of sleeping with her husband in Oshogbo, Osun State.
But Jide Kosoko exonerated his daughter, citing blackmail.
He said, “The people blackmailing my daughter are bastards. If truly she did whatever they’ve said she did (dating a married man), whether she likes it or not, she will be punished. But if they are telling lies and trying to destroy her image, the people involved will not go unpunished.

If you know Bidemi well, she is highly disciplined and she has her own way of doing things. Unlike her sister, Sola, Bidemi is outspoken and principled. I don’t think it is an offence to be principled. So, if she doesn’t take nonsense, so be it.”
This is wishing Bidemi the best in her future home.