Aisha Buhari Is Back

The politics playing out in the home front of President Muhammadu BUHARI seems to have gotten hotter in the last couple of hours.
There have been rumours of President Buhari marrying another wife, which has not been confirmed or denied by Villa sources despite the fact that the President has six aides who could easily have denied or confirmed the story.
The latest and perhaps more intriguing is the fact that the President’s wife, who has been out of the country for about four months is back. Aisha Buhari was alleged to have relocated to London after performing the hajj in July.
It was gathered that she took the action in protest against the nomination of a female member of her husband’s cabinet(name withheld).
The news of her absence and reasons filtered out just like any other development in the Presidency which they don’t want you to hear about.
Same way her return has also taken some people by surprise.
Whether or not the President is keen on taking another wife, her return will definitely add spice to whatever is cooking in the inner recess of the Villa.
Source: AbujaReporters