Actress Regina Chukwu Says, “Marriage Isn’t By Force”

Actress Regina Chukwu has taken women who don’t submit to their husbands
to the cleaners. She didn’t spare divorcees either. The widow and mother of two
just posted on Instagram that ‘Marriage is not by force.’
Quite skillful at her crafts as an actress, Regina, who is one of the
most sought after actresses in the Nollywood Yoruba genre said, “Marriage is
not by force, I repeat, Marriage is not by force. If you cannot see yourself
submitting totally to your husband, please let him just find the woman that
would, no need to marry. Me don’t think it’s mandatory ……..peace is good
for everyone…….. You can submit to yourself and marry yourself. But if you
chose to marry, then respect him completely and submit totally. If you don’t
want to marry, that’s very very okay. For you guys, If you cannot LOVE the
woman TOTALLY……. Nna I repeat……. Marriage is not by force. STOP wasting
each other’s time Biko! And most importantly stop wasting our money on all
those expensive ASOEBI.”(sic)