Actress Lola Margaret Back After Credit Card Fraud/Arrest In US…Declares Being Born-Again!

Congratulations are in order as Nollywood Yoruba actress Lola Margaret returned to social media after her credit card fraud in the USA.
The America-based actress who disabled her social media handles, was alleged to have been deported from the US over the crime.
She was arrested in 2016.
Lola, whose mugshot appeared online was initially granted bail on the condition that she revealed the identities of the characters she was working with on the illegal withdrawals, and she did.
Though she didn’t indicate her location currently, she was said to be in hiding in Ibadan, but not many think she was deported, hence the attitude put up by some of her colleagues who feigned ignorance as they didn’t put up birthday post when she added another year in March.
But many have gone back to see her on Instagram as she has started posting new photos and revived her account.
Dressed in casual attire with converse as accessories, Lola wrote:
“Wow!wow!!wow!!! All glory be to my awesome God.from the depth of my heart I say a very big thanks to y’all for your beautiful comments,prayers and love.thanks for this huge acceptance.i am of thanks coming soon….#jesusbaby? #newdawn #newbornbaby #newlook “#newbeginning #iamcoveredbygrace #producttofgrace #rebirth #strongerandbetter #newme #iamcoveredbythebloodofjesus

Her colleagues have been sending congratulatory messages to her Instagram handle.