Actor Vs Actress: Babymama Labels Lollyboy A Thief

Nollywood Yoruba actor Lolade Mustapha Sholagbade and his estranged lover, Dewunmi Fatai are at war again.

Recently, the product of their love affair, Ramadan, clocked one year old. The birthday set tongues wagging because both celebrated separately, had different photo sessions with the baby and competed on social media with their photos.

The actor had been an object of mockery in the hands of his baby mama who would always employ innuendos to convey her message on social media.

Lolade aka Lolly Boy was a live-in lover to make-up artist, Dewunmi Fatai, who also is an upcoming actress. The relationship crashed after the birth of their baby and Lollyboy alleged Dewunmi left with the baby when he was just 41 days old. They never wedded.

In an interview last year, LollyBoy opened up on why he dumped Dewunmi.

He said among other things, “At a time, I told her to stop posting the photos of my son on social media or parties and her response was what is my business with that, she said she can take my son to her own boyfriend’s house! I was shocked but it is normal. It’s just that it is too early to start doing such when our child is not even up to 6 months.”

Dewunmi, her mother and Yasir during the birthday of the 1-year-old
Dewunmi, her mother and Yasir during the birthday of the 1-year-old

Dewunmi would post and share pictures of their son on Instagram and there was a particular photo of her son she shared and captioned it, “U can see he makes me very happy. My irreplaceable husband, he cannot betray me like you , so I’m safe with him.” (sic)

Her cup was full on Sunday June 25, when she shared her estranged lover’s photo and called Lollyboy a thief!

She wrote: “Thief, Ole!” (sic)

Dewunmi's post
Dewunmi’s post

Before you could utter Jack! The post was deleted. When she realised that some blogs had written about it, Dewunmi then announced that her account was hacked!

She wrote on Sunday on Instagram:

“My Instagram account was hacked. Ignore any negative post that was posted on my page. I wasn’t the one that posted it. I do not have any reason to post such thing on my page and Almighty Allah sees my mind that I don’t know anything about it. My Instagram was hacked.” (sic)

Though Lollyboy has not said anything on the issue, Dewunmi has again deleted the my-instagram-was-hacked caption and disabled her comment section.

Really, she needs to grow up and face reality as a mother and one who is pursuing a successful career in Nollywood.