Actor Charles Okocha’s Wife Attacks Lady Her Husband Calls His Crush

Married women ain’t taking it easy with single girls again! They are always ready to attack ladies especially those their husbands are attracted to.
Earlier today, Nollywood Actor, Charles Okocha shared a video of a really light-skinned lady on Instagram and declared he was crushing on her.

Post that caused the brouhaha
Post that caused the brouhaha

The actor wrote: “Y’all check dis barbie out @gretyrivs, am crushing on her skin, I ain’t gonna lie
” (sic)

Charles Okocha is married.

His wife must have seen this update and traced the girl’s contact.
Prompto, she confronted the lady on Whatsapp.

In a whatsapp chat shared online by IB9JA, Charles wife wrote:
“Stay away from my husband. Before I deal with u bitch. Stupid husband’s snatching. I know you have been messaging him. He post you on Facebook. U r a cheap bitch. U think he care about you. he only want to fcuk u and dump your fucking ass. trash bitch like you that can’t keep ur shit to urself. I will deal with u. u better stay away. you ugly looking like boo dog. U better tell Charles Okocha that post ur pic on Instagram to delete if not all hell will brake down on u. ur husband will know. Never cross my line because I will get your ass luck up and Charles will beg me to bring you out ass ho.
This is exactly what I though you better tell him to delete your pic that he post on Instagram if you don’t want fire on top of your head. It’s best you do it now because I will go on Instagram same way I catch your number by his phone. same way I will get your husband number and tell him to warn you nasty duty bitch.” (sic)